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Rahul Gandhi greeted with Cheers of “Zandabad” as supporters of the Iraqi National Congress gather in Ramila Square for Halla Paul’s March

Halla Bol Congress Rally at Ramlila Maidan Today Live in Delhi: Speaking at Ramlila Maidan on Sunday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that since the BJP’s power, anger and hatred has increased. he is added Thanks to Narendra Modi still Prime Minister media And two businessmen. There were also reports that congressional workers were arrested during a protest march against rise in the prices of essential goods, Delhi Police denied this and said no congressional staff had been detained so far.

earlier in today, former Minister Jeram Ramesh said news Agency Ani That the march has nothing to do with Elections, a message worthy of the insensitive central government, such as people of Country remain Troubled by inflation and unemployment.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police said proper security arrangements have been made made in And around Ramlila Square in central delhi in view of Congressional protest. Delhi Police have also Traffic warning issued on that it official Twitter handle, to alert passengers about road closures on Sunday. Party workers from Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, among other parts of country, you will participate in the gathering.

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