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Questions and answers: key questions facing Keir Starmer over office beer during quarantine | Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer faced questions during media interview on tuesday o event in which he was photographed with a beer in April last yearand whether it has potentially broken Covid rules at that time. That’s what we are know:

What happened?

On April 30, 2021, Starmer was filmed through a window. of in office of Mary Foy MP for city of Durham holding a bottle of beer, with people behind he eats from bowls of food. The Labor leader was there as part of of campaign for by-election in nearby Hartlepool, which hosted place six days later.

Images appeared in January of this year during media focus on lockdown-breaking parties in and around Downing Street.

Did it break any rules?

Bye Covid rules necessarily involve some interpretation, there appears to be no legal and police consensus. Political agitation was allowed in advance of local elections, which took place on the same day as the by-election allowing gatherings of party activists. Starmer said the images show campaigners break for takeaway food and with pubs and restaurants shut it was the only one option if they were going to eat.

Barrister and Covid rules expert Adam Wagner said it will look like colleagues Eating in a work canteen and thus be considered “reasonably necessary for work”. Wagner opposed it with seemingly pre-prepared social events on Downing Street for which Boris Johnson and others were fined.

What does the police say?

In February, Durham police said there was no reason to take any action. over Starmer behavior. Recently, force stated that he received a “number of further communications” on case to which it will answer, but what not current study of.

asked on Whether the police contacted him personally on Tuesday, Starmer appeared to dodge the question, but says he is not.

Why is this in in news again?

Two words: Daily Mail. The document has run a series of front-page headlines about the case, led by Conservative MPs calling for a new investigation into what they insist is the equivalent of Downing Street parties and proof of Labor hypocrisy.

Mail is very influential in Conservative circles, especially pushy – some have called it intrusive – coverage prompted more deputies and ministers comment.

Why did Labor initially say that Angela Rayner was not there?

This is one of mail big questions, but it would seem enough standard Click office rooster-up. Party sources say the Mail asked a few weeks ago if the deputy leader was at the meeting. event, and the staff member misunderstood the diary entries and said that she was elsewhere. It was only when the Mail asked again and the officials checked to see if they understood mistake was made.

Reiner’s presence or absence would presumably have made no difference to the legal position.

What was the political reaction?

Some super-loyal ministers, especially the secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Nadine Dorries, demanded an answer from Starmer more questions about event. Ann Marie Trevelyan, international trade secretary said on On Tuesday, she “strongly urged” Durham police to look at any new evidence that may appear. Starmer said that story it’s “whipped” up like bad-mouthing a Tory.”

Whether there is a public care?

It may be the first days, but it seems not so much yet. In January YouGov poll question about whether Starmer did “generally or not follow quarantine rules” found 40% believed Labor. party did, but 28% did not. Asked the same question again on Tuesday found that 28% did not think so until now, and now 42% think so. On the contrary, 70% of people Now I don’t think Johnson follow in rules.

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