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DEFINITELY it was big Birthday bash. Although August 14 fell on On Sunday, the celebrations began just before midnight the day before. In addition to lights and people on roads, it was also night of great political activity – PTI held its own rally in Lahore, TLP kept one in Faizabad and parliament was also spending late night session. In between all this prime ministertoo, made appearance for nationwide address.

There was considerable activity, and perhaps befitting for to the 75th anniversary of independence. It was a case where less just can’t be more. When the wake began, images on television meant not just holidays, but also competing visuals of political parties and their cultures, highlighting once again what is offered on people.

It is obvious that the PTI jalsa was paid the most attention, and not just because the party she builds a stir around the number of people So be it attract but also because those who watch seem to have convinced themselves that every jalsa mob is somehow going to create or destroy plans of those who cannot be named. And between the party’s subliminal messages and our own assumptions, pretty familiar images take on on taller than life.

But on On Saturday evening, in the course of the evening, it became about more how just PTI and its popularity. How events rolled along on TV screens, he became a buffet of what the various proposed parties and how it may seem people.

seated in government didn’t even celebrate with in people.

On the one the end was the Lahore jalsa, a fairly lengthy affair that ended with Imran Khan hour speech, in what he said little was new. But in general, event it was a spectacular sight – colorful, energetic and quite fashionable by Pakistani standards.

The songs and the energy of the crowd are now a hallmark of PTI meetings and stuff of It was on display that night. That’s not all. Now PTI does sure it’s a spectacle that plays out in real life and in cyberspace in which true for all this people-centric events.

Video party releases on social media cover even those who They are not here. Interview of participantsuploaded drone images on multiple accounts with comments size declaration of the crowd will be the biggest ever, and close up of cute children as well as young men as well as women or the elderly – all this is enough to convince even skeptics of the size of crowd, its spontaneity and significance. The music flags, color add in what sense of vivacity and youth.

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And then a crescendo, Khan’s speech. He may have nothing new or significant offer on chronic problems, but its proponents believe in and that is enough for him. But Khan raised game here too, adding a video. Not for he just the words for his followers.

Like all politicians, he has dream sell but he offers it with special effects. And it was on display on Saturday evening. In contrast, what could others offer?

We had visuals of endlessly long parliamentary speeches by familiar faces (even more familiar than Khan) speaking way they were for decades in quiet, gloomy room far, far away from people who we in mood to celebrate Independence Day. They were either on roads, or in front of television screens, and the latter could see where party was.

Too much has happened for Any of in private channels to provide feed from parliament with sound but not like anyone was interested in what they had to say.

As well as in middle of it all came prime minister for appeal to the nation. If the visual effects of parliament were a bit boring. prime minister proposed more of same. Dark shervani, dark background, dull chair and overwhelmed height of flags against on which he sat – he was not just a serious image, but at the age of one, which belonged to the decade when we saw likes of Ishaq Khan speaks to people. If PTI jalsa was a visual feast, prime minister It was about dietary nutrition. (Perhaps we should consider why even American presidents are now turning to people from the Oval Office, where the curtains are usually open for bright sunlight and open spaces behind or a podium among greenery of lawns of the White House.)

And it was also image of distance and privacy. While PTI promoted this idea of the leadership and its supporters celebrate August 14 together in one giant partygovernmentgloomy celebration seemed far away.

AT prime minister could make the same speech in parliament amplifying the message from him colleagues about the championship of parliament as well as feeling of unity. But insteadDPM just it seemed signal absence of coordination.

On the contrary, even TLP, which didn’t get much media attention, it was at least out on streets on the day before of Independence Day, like PTI. seated in government didn’t even celebrate with in people. They were inside, took cover in them world and their holidays, where there is a stage with performers who are silently watched by guests. I wonder if legislators do this? on 4th of July in United States.

So let me get down to business of this long account.

PDM (especially PML-N) must work together. Message aside, he’s losing the war of average. His image, his culture and therefore his message suffer in comparison with a party which is regarded as party of youth and offers compatible culture and image. Why don’t others moving ahead and, instead, clinging on to the ways of 1990s? Dare anyone ask this question?

The writer is a journalist.

Published in Dawn, August 16, 2022

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