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Queen Elizabeth II paid tribute to Buckingham Palace in sharp scene

LONDON – big bubble letters in the blue pencil seemed to sum up up a lot of of country mood: “Missing you,” the child wrote on a small card, next to the picture of something that looked like a lot like corgi. He lay between purple tulips and red carnations. outside of gates of Buckingham Palace.

Since Thursday, when the officials announced in death of Queen Elizabeth II – placing two sentences in a frame announcement on easel at the front palace gates – people flocked there to be a part of collective grief and pay tribute with flowers, messages, souvenirs and more.

They have left homemade crowns, tea light candles, framed poems, Union Jack baseball caps. They have left newspaper clippings and photographs of her majesty of various moments in she is 70-year governing body. They even left Paddington bears.

But these are handwritten messages that stand out from serious to poignant, rambling to funny, many offer a window into how people sympathized with the queen. A little of doodles of the youngest british hard do out.

“Rest in peace, Queen Kong.” one the child wrote next to the picture of Queen, with hat and purse, lots of big ben climbing like King Kong climbed the Empire State Building.

A woman named Anita thanked the queen.”for be my constant and role model for 70 years old of my life. Your smile, feeling of humor and flair for life lifted my heart every time.”

Other card referred to the poignant scene of Prince Philip’s funeral last year when the queen was a lonely figure in her bench and black mask because of severe pandemic rules in place at that time.

“When you sat alone in your husband, the funeral of all those who lost covid during the pandemic felt connected,” the note says. “Grieving lady on she is one just like us. Set an example for the nation.”

Buckingham Palace is getting big in British psyche. Is not just residence of monarch and headquarters of Royal family. This is the stage and place to be seen – to take a couple of selfies and this weekend to become a witness in singular person event in nation history of extremely popular sovereign and, just like then, installation of a new one.

people those arriving by subway or bus cannot miss out on the incredible photos of queen – regal in a white dress, a blue sash, and a stunning diamond tiara now grace nearby stations and kiosks. Again and again during past three days gathered in Buckingham spontaneously out in national hymn. This was usually version what ends with “God save the queen.” But on On Saturday, when the newly proclaimed King Charles III paid a visit, song was right updated.

To the delight of the crowd, the king ordered driver stop the royal rolls royce for impromptu walk outside gates.

Great Britain for death of Queen Elizabeth II. It still came as a shock.

His two sons and their wives did the same. outside of Windsor Castle, Queen favorite residence. In amazing show of unity given past some years of bruised family relationship, Prince William and Catherine and Prince Harry and Meghan welcomed people and shook hands for almost three quarters of hour on Saturday afternoon.

Both in the palace and in the castle, flowers continued to fall. upbouquets sometimes poured a couple of feet high. But with officials removed them daily, the accumulation did not become as huge as after the death of Princess Diana. quarter-century back. BUT sign in Buckingham informs visitors that tribute will be collected every 12 hours and displayed in Green Park just across the road.

“Even if you are not a royalist, you still have respect for monarch,” said Lynsey Pilgrim, 36, who put the bouquet of roses and daisies along the gilded wrought-iron fence. She said she was amazed how a lot of of in cards we in foreign languages, possibly written people for whom Elizabeth II was not even their ruler.

last the time when the palace drew such crowds was in June, for the queen’s anniversary, and the mood was upbeat and festive, especially when the queen came out out to the famous balcony and waved to her subjects. Everyone went crazy.

This weekend’s mood is a mixture of sadness and curiosity. crowds stayed until late at night.

“This time-in- the opportunity for a lifetime to be here, to be a part of of history show our respect,” said Ewan Forbes, 60, a retired police officer. who came with his son. He described the Queen as “the most mother of country”, adding that “although millions never met everyone knew her. She spoke wisely; she spoke intelligently.”

The children and families were out in a large number of people when the coffin with Queen Elizabeth II arrived in Scottish capital Edinburgh on 11 September. (Video: Reuters)

At the start of this week, attention will shift to north. The Queen died at Balmoral Castle in Scottish Highlands, and her oak coffin was moved on Sunday morning to the Palace of Holyrood. in Edinburgh. On Tuesday he will fly to London and go first to Buckingham Palace and then to the palace of Westminster where the queen will lie in condition prior to her burial at Westminster Abbey on September 19th.

But Buckingham Palace there will be no shortage for attention after that. Charles is expected move in soon.

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