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Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96: Royal family and nation in mourning

FROMSpeaker of the House Sir Lindsay Hoyle said the Queen death it’s a terrible loss for us everyone,” adding, “We will miss her immensely.”

He said “For everyone of usThe queen was a constant presence in our life is as familiar as a dick of in family so far one who has a calming and stabilizing effect over our country. Most of us never knew a time when she wasn’t there. Her death it’s not just a tragedy for Royal family but terrible loss for us all.

“In my 70 years on throne – and even before that, as a teenager, reassuring and attraction with children and families destroyed by World War II – she gave our lives meaning of equilibrium.

“Although her reign was marked by dramatic changes in in the world Her Majesty has maintained an unwavering loyalty to Great Britain, the British Overseas Territories and the Commonwealth. of The peoples – and her meek authority and sound reason felt in everything.

“She traveled through world extensively, modernized royal family and credited with the invention of the royal “walk”, which allowed her to meet people from all walks of life during her visits.

“As head of fortune, she provided advice and favor of long experience up to 15 prime ministers during her reign – and met more how quarter of all American presidents in in history of United States.

“The queen was involved in everything that matters to us and what does us who we – from state events to royal weddings, and especially at Christmas, with her words of wisdom and meaningful annual message. She was mother and grandmother great-grandmother, but she was our queen, and we will miss her very much.

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