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Punjab police arrest BJP leader Delhi, Haryana police stop him

Tajinder Baja arrest Punjab Police: BJP leaders accused of AAP of using the police for revenge.

New Delhi:
Punjab police today arrested BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Baga from his residence in Delhi. After the anger of the BJP leaders, he issue Doubled to become a dramatic drawer of A war involving three state police forces.

Here is your 10-point guide to this big story:

  1. Punjab Police team Haryana police have halted Mr Baga’s transfer to Mohali on the way after Delhi Police registered a kidnapping case based on on Complaint from Mr. Baja father. Haryana police surrounded Punjab police vehicle Mr. Baja carries and escorts them off The highway to the police station in Kurukshetra. a team of Delhi Police arrived there.

  2. Delhi police have brought Mr. Baga back to me national The capital after being handed over by the Haryana State Police over. Delhi Police has also Submit a FIR . report against Punjab Police for Alleged kidnapping of Mr. Baja.

  3. The Punjab and Haryana High Court shifted this evening down Punjab government’s demand To keep Mr. Baja in Haryana. Haryana government Will provide an affidavit in This connection in Supreme Court tomorrow in next he heard.

  4. The leaders of the Adami General Party have defended arrest Saying that Punjab police are acting in impartial way This action was taken after Mr. Baja refused to cooperate with Inquiry even after sending five notifications times. AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj said they have collected information About Mr. Baja who Claims “obscene, venomous and obnoxious” uses language” on social media.

  5. BJP Delhi spokesperson Navin Kumar Jindal claimed that around 50 policemen stormed Delhi in Baga home around 8:30 in Morning and arrested him. “He couldn’t even wear his turban,” he said.

  6. Mr. Baja father It was alleged that about 10-15 policemen entered his home and pulled him out son out to take him to Punjab. He said the police hijacked his phone when he tried record Video clip and confiscated his phone and that of Mr. Baja. I have registered a complaint of to kidnap. Delhi Police Flight Information Zone on Mr. Baja father Britt’s complaint details in sequence of events Narrated by him.

  7. Delhi Police claimed that they did not obtain anything prior information regarding arrest. However, Punjab Police refuted the claim that prior notice was given and one of they teams He has been at Janakpuri Police Station since then last evening.

  8. Mr. Baga was to be referred to a court in Punjab. complaint against was recorded with The electronic cell of Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar in Mohali district in Punjab. counts against Mr. Baja includes making provocative statements, promoting religious hostility, and criminal intimidation.

  9. Mr. Baja has been very candid against Aam Adami, Chairman of Arvind Kejriwal Party on social media. It came under fire From the AAP, which governs Delhi and Punjab, for his tweet against Mr. Kejriwal over Kashmir files movie.

  10. BJP leaders protested against Police work saying that against Freedom of letter.


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