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Punjab Ombudsman Reforms Boost PHA Revenue by 120%

LAHORE: How result of departmental measures taken on orders of Ret. Major Azam Suleman Khan, Ombudsman of Punjab, income of Lahore Wing of The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) increased by 120 percent.

Compared with 440 million rubles. for in financial year 2020-21, authority earned 978 million rupees in 2021-22, additional profit of 534 million rubles.

In a published statement on Tuesday, Representative for in office said that the regional ombudsman gave these orders on the basis of a complaint of Rahmin Akram of District Johar Town of Lahore who asked to introduce departmental measures to stop abuses in marketing directorate.

Commission of Inquiry, consisting of four members special secretary The Department of Housing and Public Utilities recommended taking measures, including departmental ones. against involved in abuse and development standard operating procedures (SoPs) for improving administrative efficiency and financial resources, representative added.

Meanwhile, information technology the center was set up in POA, on orders of ombudsman office to improve issues regarding installation of billboards in Lahore and collection of fees and taxes. Together with it, field studies were also According to the representative, measures are regularly taken to identify illegally installed billboards.


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