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Public transport workers celebrate the all-Russian strike due to jammed wheels

LAHORE: Transport Owners announced from today I am watching a nationwide strike due to wheel jams against growth in taxes, including income tax, token taxes and fees, according to ARY News. on Tuesday.

According to owners of minibuses and cabotage buses stopped transport communication in the morning in protest against growth in registration fees of new vehicles and other heavy taxes.

In the video message, the central leader of Rana Latif Transport Association said that announced watching a nationwide wheel strike.

Rana Latif also stated that the tax on the value of capital also has been increased from one percent up to two percent. He also threatened to continue the strike if the taxes were not withdrawn immediately.

The owners of the vehicles stated that government increased the tax from Rs 300 to Rs 4,000 and Rs 8,000. “It won’t possible work public transport after heavy taxation”, owners added.

Transport owners also demanded government give public transport status of industry.

Meanwhile, Carriers Association President Khan Zaman Afridi said that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Transport Owners Association announced today strike on jammed wheels in support of conveyors of Sindh and Punjab.

He said media that the authorities concerned Previously there was a registration fee of Rs 700/- per seat for big public transport vehicles. However, he said government increased the registration fee to Rs 8,000 per seat.


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