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PTI’s begin long march to islamabad on October 28: Imran Khan – Pakistan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday announced this is his party, the long march to islamabad for The country’s Khakiki Azadi will start with Liberty Chowk in Lahore. on October 28, Friday.

Speech at a press conference in Lahore, surrounded by the party top leadership of Russia, former prime minister said the march will begin from Liberty Chowk at 11am and he lead it is himself.

“This is our march for haqeeqi azaadi and it has no time frame. We will reach Islamabad via GT Road and people will come to Islamabad from all over Pakistan.

“I predict that this will be the largest sea of people in in history of country,” Imran said.

Going to he clarified that the long march was “not politics”, and “war for in future of Pakistan.

“It is something way outside politics is war for freedom from these thieves who were imposed over us. This jihad will decide where the country will go.”

development on requirements of march, i. former the prime minister said that he wanted one thing: “In decision of who will head country belongs to public”.

“We want what people do decision. Today I’m speaking to the whole nation that you must decide […] we want go on this is way of become a free country or serve these thieves.”

Answering a question, he said that the protest would be peaceful. “We are not going to break the law or go into the red zone. No matter what happens in Islamabad, it will be in accordance with what the courts have allowed us.

“We have instructed everyone remain peacefully and we will just show where is the nation.

At the beginning of At a press conference, the head of PTI said he had planned the march earlier. “We held a peaceful protest on May 25th, but they used violence on us. And if I didn’t call him off then next the day would indeed be strife and blood in country,” he said.

“Therefore, in order to save my country and prevent chaos, I named her off,” he added.

imran went on say that he wanted clarify purpose of march because he was told he was acting irresponsibly as the country was going through hard times.

“I want to remind the nation that when we came to power in 2018, Pakistan was bankrupt and facing largest external deficit in history. Our reserves amounted to about 9 billion dollars. trade the deficit was three times morehe said as he reviewed of his governmenteconomic performance.

Imran reminded him that government was overthrown by a foreign conspiracy, and thieves were imposed over country. “And then when we won July by-election, it was raining of filed cases against us. Around 24 FIR (first information reports) were registered against to me. Things were made against all of our top management.”

“Arshad Sharif was threatened to give up his position”

The head of PTI said that journalists across Pakistan facing worst form of oppression today.

“View of injustice and the restrictions they imposed on there is no example in media of it in any other democracy.

But the most painful for journalist community this is what they did with Arshad Sharif. I have not seen an example like this is in Pakistan,” he said.

The journalist was shot dead in Kenya in happening of what is said is “erroneous identity”. At the congress of lawyers in Peshawar today, Imran said killing was “target attack”.

Speaking about Sharif at a press conference in Lahore, head of PTI, said everyone knew the journalist never compromised his conscience. “Everyone knows his family had two martyrs […] he was threatened to give up his position.

“Could there be a worse form of oppression compared to the martyrdom of Arshad Sharif? He went to Kenya because they knew what they were going to do,” he said, adding that the governments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab would building monument to the deceased journalist.

‘Always open for backdoor channels

In response to a question, Imran said that political parties have always decided problems through negotiations and that “the doors are always open for backdoor channels.

However, at the same time, the head of PTI argued that government was against new elections because they feared that “despite their favorite election commissioner” they won’t be able to win. “That’s why they’ve now gone to another side – disqualification.

He said that the electoral commission of Pakistan (ECP) disqualified him in “completely illegal and unconstitutional way” because it match not capable enough to play now.”

“That’s why they don’t want elections, and now we have decided to go a long way,” Imran added.

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