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PTI workers gather in Banigal after arrest warrant issued for Imran over remarks against referee, officials – Pakistan

PTI workers gathered in former prime minister and the residence of PTI chairman Imran Khan in Banigala. in Islamabad on Saturday after it arrest an order has been issued in connection with his controversial remarks against Additional District and Sessions Judge (ADSJ) Zeba Chaudhry and other officials at the August 20 hearing. public rally.

arrest The warrant was issued on 30 September by Senior Civil Judge Rana Mujahid Rahim.

The Islamabad police subsequently issued a statement explaining the reasons for the warrant, which he said was “a lawsuit”.

Police said that after Islamabad’s Supreme Court struck down terror registered charge against Imran for his remarks, the case was referred to the court session, and the head of the PTI did not receive bail from there.

The police said that he also did not attend last court hearing on case and arrest Thus, a warrant was issued for ensure his presence.

In his August 20 address, Imran threatened to file a case. against Inspector Islamabad general of police and deputy inspector general of police and said: “We won’t regret you.

former the prime minister had also made an exception for ADSJ Chaudhry, who approved the two-day arrest of Shahbaz Gill at the request of of Metropolitan Police and said that she should “prepare for action to be taken against her”.

Soon after it first information report (FIR) was registered with Islamabad Margalla police station on complaint of Judge Ali Javed. The FIR stated that at the PTI rally, Imran “terrorized and threatened senior police officials and a respected female extra-trial judge.” in his address so they can’t perform functions and refrain from any action against any person associated with PTI, if required to do this.

The judge claimed that Imran’s speech sowed fear and uncertainty among the police, judges and the nation. “Terrorism has spread, the peace in the country has been undermined,” he said. added.

FIR demanded a lawsuit against Imran and “exemplary punishment” will be observed out.

Later sections 186 (offense of obstructive public servant in performance of public duty), 188 (disobeying an order duly promulgated public servant), 504 (criminal intimidation) and 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation) of Pakistan’s penal code was added to RPI.

extradition of en arrest order against Imran came to light shortly after PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz stated that his residence should raid to recover the “missing” copy of a diplomatic cipher that contains details of alleged “foreign conspiracy” against now he fell government.

Umar warns against to attempt arrest Imran

PTI Secretary General Asad Umar warned against Imran arrest, adding that whoever tried to detain him “will regret it.”

“Import government and the dolls are holding in Keep in mind that public backlash to any kind of unnecessary campaign will be too strong to endure, it’s better to stay behind Red line in your time, warned former Vice Speaker of the National Assembly Kasim Suri.

This was stated by Vice President of PTI Fawad Chaudhry. arrest the warrant was an “unnecessary measure”.

PTI leader Murad Said, in video message from Banigala, claimed that prisoner Wang arrived at Imran Khan Chowk. He named on party supporters in Islamabad to get to party the chairman’s residence, adding that Imran was PTI’s “red line”.

“If they try to cross the red line and enter Banigala, we will turn Islamabad into jail for you by tomorrow morning.

Imran takes affidavit to IHC in case of contempt

arrest the order came to light hours after Imran submitted an affidavit to Islamabad High Court in case of contempt against him, saying that he realized that he “may have crossed the line” in his criticism of Chaudhry and was ready to apologize to her “if she gets the impression” that he crossed the line.

The court requested an affidavit during the hearing on On September 22, when Imran offered to apologize to Chaudhry, who had previously been heavily criticized by the supreme leader of the PTI following the allegation of the physical arrest of his close aide Shahbaz Gill. in case of rebellion. Imran’s offer to apologize saw him escape closing indictment.

In his affidavit presented in court today, Imran said that he “realized during these proceedings (in contempt of court) in a respected court that he may have crossed a red line by doing [a] public speech on August 20, 2022”. However, he added that he never intended to threaten Judge Chaudhry and “there was no intention behind an application for taking any action other than judicial action.

He said that wanted to assure the IHC that he is ready to explain and clarify before Judge Chaudhry that “neither he nor his party looking for / aspired to do something” against her, and he was ready to apologize to her “if she got the impression that the witness (Imran) had crossed the line.”

The head of the PTI assured the court that in future he wouldn’t do anything to offend dignity of any court and judiciary, especially the lower judiciary.

He also expressed his willingness to continue steps what the IHC “deems necessary and appropriate for satisfaction of a noble court that he never intended to interfere with in process of court or challenge the dignity or independence of judicial branch”.

Imran assured the court that he would always insist on his statement. in affidavit in letter and spirit.

contempt proceedings

decision file a contempt case against Imran was picked up by IHC judge Aamer Farouk. on August 22 during a hearing on a petition challenging Gill’s detention. The court summoned Imran on August 31 and subsequently issued him show-cause notification.

The day before the court session former prime minister introduced reply before the IHC, where he expressed his willingness to “take back his words about Judge Chaudhry if they are ‘considered inappropriate’.” He pleaded before the IHC that the judges who agreed to sue against his should consider withdrawing from bench because, according to him, they had already decided this issue.

However, the IHC considered the response “unsatisfactory” and asked the PTI executive to provide a “weighted” response.

After that, Imran introduced another reply to court. In the corrected answer, Imran paused. of making an unconditional apology.

On September 8, the IHC decided to indict Imran as soon as again calling his answer “unsatisfactory”.

However, on next hearing on September 22, when charges were expected to be filed against PTI head Imran offered to apologize to Judge Chaudhry and avoided prosecution.

After his statement in court, the more bench The hearing of the case said: “We, prima facie, are satisfied with apology by the defendant. Let him apply for consideration of this court before next the date fixed”.

Prior to filing his affidavit, Imran appeared before a court in Islamabad to personally apologize to Judge Chaudhry. on Friday (yesterday) but his apologies were left hanging like a judge on leave.

In her absence, Imran left message for her with court reader Choudhry Yasser Ayaz.

“I have come to apologize to Judge Zeba Chaudhry,” he could be heard saying to a court reader. in a video with PTI on Twitter.

“You must tell Madame Zeba Chaudhry that Imran Khan has visited and wanted apologize if his words hurt her feelings,” he said.


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