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PTI shapes the venue panel for Saturday rally amid raids

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Friday formed a venue committee in connection with in partyMarch 25 (Saturday) rally in Minar-e-Pakistan amid police raids on the residences of workers and leaders.

According to the notice issued in In this regard, PTI chief Shabbir Siyal was appointed coordinator, Fawad Rasul Bukhlar and flight commander Khawaja Kamran as deputy coordinators, and 10 party workers as members.

In a statement senior PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry criticized “arrest and kidnapping” of “about 750 leaders and workers, including Azhar Mashvani and Shahid Hussein.”

Fawad said that still unknown where Mashvani and Hussein were kept, calling world take into account of “this state terrorism”. “The current Pakistani rulers should be punished in line with V international human rights laws.”

Punjab police continue to carry out raids. in different areas of province in arrest PTI leaders and workers ahead of March 25 rally in Minar-e-Pakistan.

The police searched the house of PTI leaders Hammad Khan Niazi and Bajash Khan Niazi in Manavan area.

The police couldn’t arrest two leaders as they were not present at the home while of raid.

However, since Hammad was not present at home, the police arrested him brother And took him away.

Hammad promised that the March 25 rally in Lahore will become historic one. “We cannot be intimidated by such measures [raids by polce]”.

He said media persons that they will support PTI Chairman Imran Khan until their last breath.

Bajash Niazi said: “Because of rally, searches near our houses.

The police then carried out a raid on house of another PTI leader, Mian Naeem, late Thursday at Etihad Colony, Samnabad. The police arrested his guest named Alfat.

Four police vehicles and dozens of police personnel violated privacy of Naima house. Naim did not attend house while of police raid.

Four days ago, he said, the police raided his house with heavy force and arrested his guards.

Separately, the police searched homes of PTI UC-91 Vice Chairman Sajjad Durrani and Advisor Basharat Ali in Sumanabad area.

The two leaders did not attend house and therefore escaped arrest.

Police also raided the residence of PTI leader Malik Waqar Ahmed Gujar.

Police failed To arrest him, since he did not attend his home.

Gujjar said media individuals whom “police bullying” could not discourage.

“Imran Khan future of this country. [incumbent] government will remain ineffective in their wicked designs.

Police also made a raid on house of Member of the Legislative Assembly of Kashmir for PTI Ghulam Mohiuddin Dewan.

Since Dewan was not present at home, the police took workers with their.

The police searched the house of PTI PP-145 Candidate Malik Mubasher Lal in Samnabad area.

Police failed To arrest him, because he was not present at home.

“We are not afraid of abuse of the police. government became a victim of cowardice,” Lal said, blaming the police. of breaking down walls of his house and theft of valuables in Name of arrest.

“Imran Khan future of this country. We will support its up last drop of our blood, Lal swore.

Lal said that come what may, he will attend the meeting along with with his family members.

“The police arrested my relatives and also my children. We will still participate in rally.”

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