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PTI set file a “certificate” against CEC


Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) decides to file ‘legal complaint’ against Chief Electoral Commissioner (CEC) Sikander Sultan Raja and other members of election Committee of Pakistan (ECP) for alleged violation of the code of lead.

Former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday formally sent his legal team initiate a process of submission of a certificate against members of the CEC and KEK for meeting with the delegation of ruling alliance and discussion of the case on prohibited funding against PTI with them.

PTI officials said the ex-premier, formally giving his approval for registration of link against CEC in meeting with party leadership also resolutions submitted against head of the ECP, etc. in two provincial assemblies, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where PTI currently in power.

On July 29, a delegation of members of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) – PPP and Muttahid Qaumi Pakistan Movement – met ECP officials and urged them to announce the long-delayed decision in PTI Prohibited Funding Case and Take Action against this is the earliest as it was the “constitutional responsibility” of the ECP.

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Previously on This was announced on Saturday by PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry. in press conference that PTI contemplated over registration of link against Raja and others say they are discussing a PTI funding case. with in government side was a gross violation of the code of lead.

During media interaction, Fawad said that the salaries of CEC and KEC members are equal of judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, respectively, adding that their benefits and privileges also along with the judges of the highest judiciary. Similarly, Fawad continued, the code of lead of higher courts apply on CEC and its members, stating that not a single judge meets party to discuss the case under consideration.

“This meeting [between government side and ECP officials] was a gross violation of the code of lead of election Committee of Pakistan and the judiciary,” Fawad said, asking how CEC and its members could come met with members of ruling alliance when it should decide the case of one of them opponent party.

Fawad gave an example of Main justice of Pakistan, who recently refused to meet members of council of lawyers when he heard a case concerning the post of Chief Minister of the Punjab, as they were party in case, stating that the CJP followed high moral and legal principles without meeting with participants of bar council.

Subsequently, Fawad accused the CEC and members of the KEK of who met in government delegation of code violation of behavior, ignoring high moral and legal principles. He expressed regret that CEP officials not only met with participants of rival party in unfinished business, but “assured them that we [ECP] will solve the matter.” He said that government side also spoke at a press conference following the meeting.

“We are discussing with our legal team in connection with violation of the code of behavior,” Fawad said, adding: “This is the right occasion to continue against the election commission and its members; link should send to court [of Pakistan] And they should be fired.”

Fawad repeated that current a crisis in country was because of not hold elections, saying that the CEC informed the Supreme Court that the YKP could not hold elections until October 2022, when the case was heard in a higher court. of former Resolution of NA Vice Speaker Kasim Suri over no-confidence traffic against Imran Khan.

” current crises in country because of this statement of Electoral Commission,” Fawad said. He said that it was a constitutional duty of the ESP, but she refused. back then and reinforced the current government’s agenda, which, he said, destroyed country.

Among others, Favad took mocking Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif by saying that he had lost his majority in of all provinces and was practically the prime minister of metropolitan civil body – Department of capital construction.

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Also, referring to story published in in Financial Times about how funds raised for charity cricket matches Sent to PTI and they said there was nothing. new in report as money received already was announced.

PPP blames PTI of blackmail

Meanwhile, the Pakistan People’s Party called the PTI decision of submission of a certificate against CEC as “blackmail”.

Senator Salim Mandwiwalla stated that decision submit a certificate against The CEC is tantamount to blackmail by saying that PTI pressured ECP to delay sentencing. of funding case.

“An independent institution cannot be intimidated by threats,” the senator said. Mandviwalla said that Imran Khan himself praised the CEC, asking what happened now that he no longer believes. in the same CEC. Despite reservations, he said, PPP is worth with ESP.

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