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PTI Senator Azam Swati Appears in Islamabad Court in related to tweet against Army Commander – Pakistan

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Saturday brought PTI Senator Azam Swati before Islamabad’s District and Sessions Court. in tweet case against government agencies, including the commander of the army.

Previously in day, former minister was taken to Pimsa Hospital for medical examination.

On Thursday, the court took the PTI leader into custody by the FIA. for two days after Swati appointed General Qamar Javed Bajwa as Chief of Army in his tweet condemning acquittals of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and his son in multi-billion dollar money laundering case registered against them during PTI rule.

In a tweet, the senator sarcastically congratulated “Mr. Bajwa” and several others, saying that “your plan is really working and all the criminals are being released overnight.” cost of in this country” and allegations that corruption has been “legitimized”.

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Talking to reporters after his arrest, Swati claimed he was not arrested for violation of the law, violation of the Constitution or fundamental rights. He said he was arrested for “taking one name – of Bajwa – and this is a violation.

He had also blamed “agencies” of torture in custody, stating that “the parliamentarian is undressed”, after which the court ordered the FIA ​​to undergo a medical examination of head of PTI led. Swati’s demands triggered criticism and condemnation from PTI and other segments of society against his alleged torture.

@AzamKhanSwatiPKthis is a shameful act of subversion to create a rift between personnel/With of The military and the attempt to harm the state of Pakistan”.

Through the above tweet, criminal the complaint says the accused “undermined the judiciary of country and also attempted to seduce military personnel from their loyalty to their duties as subordinates.

“This is a calculated attempt to provoke hatred in intelligence of people and army personnel against COAS and Pakistan Army and also created distrust in the judiciary. In such intimidating Tweet/s, accused Muhammad Azam Khan Swati tried to provoke general public and staff of Armed forces trying to create a feeling of malevolence among the pillars of state.”

It alleges that Swati violated privacy and intimidated public institutions, using false information”which can provoke any officer, soldier, sailor or pilot in army, navy or air force of Pakistan to mutiny or otherwise ignore or fail in his duty as such it is also most likely cause fear or anxiety in in public and can cause / provoke anyone to commit a crime against state or government agency/s or public tranquility.”

It was made out against Article 20 PTI leader of Prevention of Electronic Crime Law-2016 read with 131 (incitement to mutiny or attempt to seduce a soldier from his duty), 500 (punishment for defamation), 501 (printed or graphic materials known to be libelous), 505 (statements promoting public mischief) and 109 (punishment of incitement) of Pakistan Penal Code.

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