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PTI rejects government’s proposed commission to investigate ‘foreign conspiracy’: Fawad – Pakistan

PTI leader and former information minister Fawad Chaudhry said on Thursday what’s up party rejected the government’s proposed commission of inquiry issue of “foreign conspiracy” against in former the regime of Prime Minister Imran Khan, adding that “only a commission under an independent judiciary would be acceptable to them.”

While talking to reporters in Islamabad, Fawad said the solution coalition couldn’t build any corruption cases against PTI leadership.

“PML-N failed to find a single fact of corruption. against Imran Khan and his cabinet,” he said.

Imran Khan decides give islamabad march call in last week of May

development comes hours after government announced It was decided to set up a commission of inquiry to investigate former prime minister Imran Khan allegations of a foreign conspiracy to overthrow the PTI-led government.

It was announced Federal Information Minister Marryum Aurangzeb. minister said that the commission would be chaired by an impartial person, so no one I could raise my finger against them and that commission terms of link will be presented to the federal cabinet on its next meeting.

Meanwhile, criticizing the government, Fawad said that 24 ministers of federal cabinet on pledge. “This is tantamount to disrespect for the entire nation,” he said.

Fawad said that party will not allow anyone suggest [military] bases in any country in Pakistan. “United States wanted recruit bases in Pakistan,” he said, adding: “Conspiracy to remove Imran Khan.” government was planned after he refused to offer bases.”

Government to form commission to investigate Imran Khan’s allegations of foreign conspiracy: Marriyum

He went on say that current government was imposed on Pakistan as “part of of CONSPIRACY”.

Indirectly criticizing the judiciary, he said: “People will now have to do work of courts.”

“We will give in call for islamabad march soon,” is he added.

Last week, PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced what date for his party’s planned long march towards the capital Islamabad will be revealed in in last week of May.

In a video message, Imran Khan said: decision was adopted by the PTI main committee.

‘US-backed conspiracy’: Imran demands CJP to form commission

“We discussed in detail call to the long march and decided that the date would be last week of May.”

He said that the country was not respected like 60 percent of people in cabinet on pledge.

“This invitation is not just PTI, but Pakistanis,” he said. “You must tell all world that Pakistan is a living nation.”

Khan claimed that “the sea of people”gather in Islamabad, which would certify that no foreign power can impose a corrupt clan on in people of Pakistan and that the nation will decide its own fate.

‘Foreign conspiracy’: Chomsky rejects Imran’s version

Former Prime Minister Imran has repeatedly accused the West of conspiracy for in no-confidence motion against his. He also flashed a piece of newspaper during the rally on March 27, which he said was a letter confirming the threat made to his government.

He said the “threatening letter” contained details of meeting where Asad Majid Khan, Ambassador of Pakistan in the USA, had with Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu in with which the latter allegedly threatened Pakistan.

Lu apparently said that Han’s sequel prime minister would have consequences for bilateral relations. Khan said the US is annoyed with his “independent foreign policyand a visit to Moscow.

Imran and his party have also claimed that the alleged threat of his dismissal in cable and no-confidence motion against his in The National Assembly were interconnected. He said in his speech that the NSC approved the alleged plot.


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