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PTI reacts to Ishaq Dar’s challenge for live debate

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Reacts to Statement by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar challenge to former prime minister and party Chairman Imran Khan for a live debate on countries economy, ARY News reports. on Friday.

In a statement, PTI leader Shaukat Tarin invited Ishak Dar to lead his government’s economic review, challenging finance. minister to live debate with to him.

Criticism government over ‘failed policy”, Shaukat Tarin said that the current rulers have raised prices of diesel and gasoline at 50 rubles per liter.

“The tension was clearly visible on Ishak Dar face,” the PTI leader said, adding that finances minister suffered from disappointment.

It is appropriate to mention here that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar met with Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan. responsible for “economic crisis in the country”, challenging former premiere live debate on country economy.

Speech at a press conference via video link, finance minister sharply criticized Imran Khan for misleading the nation, pointing out “wrong” facts and “defaming the country, spreading false propaganda of Default”.

Referring to a televised address by the head of PTI, Ishaq Dar said that Imran Khan once again lied today and tried to mislead people. “In today’s media say he quoted wrong numbers. Everything he said was based on lies, he added.

“You [Khan] can keep live discuss and bring the economic review and documents of the State Bank,” he said, asking the head of the FTI not to mislead public quoting ‘wrong numbers”.

Previously in of the day Imran Khan criticized government over economic situation in the country where the value of the pakistani rupee fell sharply and foreign exchange reserves also dropped to a dangerous level.

Imran noted that in in such a situation, funding will only be offered on terms which may have a direct impact on Pakistan national security. “In Sri Lanka and Egypt, when they were looking for funding in such a situation, they were told to cut them military expenses for half,” he said.

former Prime Minister said that Pakistan national security can also be compromised because economy fluctuates as taxes rise to astronomical levels in attempt to stabilize economy.


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