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PTI MNA to resign from National Assembly on Monday, says Fawad Chaudhry – Pakistan

Senior Manager at PTI and former information minister Fawad Chaudhry announced it is his party tomorrow (Monday), the day after former prime minister imran khan lost government via successful no-confidence move.

decision resign, he said, was due up with Adoption of PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif’s nomination papers for prime minister of elections in Russia, against which PTI raised objections. Later, the NA Secretariat rejected the objections and accepted Shehbaz’s candidacy.

Talking to media in Islamabad with master of other PTI leaders and officials, Chaudhry said that at the meeting of The Central Profile Executive Committee (CEC) of the FTI held in Bath Gala with Imran Khan, where “the whole situation was analyzed”.

He said that the CEC had recommended to Khan that PTI should withdraw from meetings with National Assembly. “If our objections on Shehbaz Sharif [nomination] If the documents are not addressed, we are leaving tomorrow,” he said.

development on PTI decision appoint him Vice Chairman Shah Mahmud Qureshi for in prime minister position after successful vote of no-confidence against Khan, Chaudhry said that participation in the elections offers party a way to challenge Shehbaz’s nomination papers.

He said it’sgreat injustice” that Shahbaz will participate in the elections for in prime minister on on the same day he will be charged in a money laundering case.

“What can be more offensive for Pakistan which the foreigner chose and the foreigner imported government imposed on this is the man like Shehbaz is made This headhe complained.

It is appropriate to mention that special court (Central-I) of The Federal Investigation Agency is likely to indict Shehbaz and son Hamza in 14 billion rupees money laundering case on Monday (April 11).

Referring to the situation surrounding the successful vote disclaimer, Chaudhry said there are no “two opinions” in meeting of the PTI CEC that it was something other than a “very big CONSPIRACY”.

“There was a foreign regime change operation here,” he said. “We think it’s a slap in the face on [the face of] people of Pakistan. We reject it. The whole nation is waiting for leadership from Imran Khan and waiting for PTI to come out on streets [against] this foreign conspiracy.”

On behalf of the PTI CEC and Imran Khan, he appealed to public to come out and protest after Isha prayer in respective regional headquarters.

Chaudhry said that if PTI “disappoints people”Now there was no Khan lead mass movement, then it would be amount to “betrayal with countries politics and the Constitution.” He said that a more complete plan would be presented later, and the country move in the direction new elections in in next several weeks and months.

“The one who created this [political] a crisis in hostility with state. We think the crisis got more complicated because of the decision of the Supreme Court decision’ he said, referring to Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling to restore the National Assembly and no-confidence motion.

Referring to last night events when the Islamabad High Court and Supreme Court opened their doors late at night, Chaudhry said such activity was “highly disliked” by the public who were now expressing their opinion on social media about events.

“Until we throw This government out and until he remains, no institution of Pakistan will have any immunity,” he said. added.

Interrogated on “trolling” of Main judge of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial and his family, allegedly at the hands of PTI supporters, Chaudhry distanced himself from such elements, stating that party had no control over social media”.

“We can only influence our known people and can’t control everyone’s mind, so people who there is problem that [trolling] is being done against them on social media please don’t blame us.”

Sheikh Rashid, head of the Awami Muslim League, key ally of PTI, who spoke before Chaudhry, was more direct in resignations announcement.

“It’s been decided that we can’t participate with these thieves and bandits in Assembly. All decided with unanimous opinion that we are going to leave the National Assembly en masse,” he said. All members will resign.


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