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PTI members mistreat deputy speaker Mazari in Punjab assembly hall

  • Punjab Assembly session was scheduled to take place at 11:30.
  • Pretenders Hamza Shahbaz, Pervez Elahi for slot.
  • Members of the PTI pull the hair, beat the Vice Speaker.

LAHORE: Punjab assembly hall transformed into battle- land today (Saturday) as PTI lawmakers mistreated deputy speaker Dost Mohammad Mazari when he arrived to lead session convened to elect chief minister.

According to deputies of ruling party threw”lot“At Mazar’s, he first attacked him and pulled his hair, despite the presence of guards.

Mazar left room after the incident.

PA session was planned start at 11:30 but was delayed due to behavior of members of the PTI.

PTI legislators caused noise inside the assembly when they brought “lotas” to house and started to sing “lota, lota” (defectors) as they whipped out in dissident PTI MPA who parted ways with in party and decided support opposition.

Today’s session was convened to elect a chief minister.

Speaking outside Gathering, PML-N leader Ataullah Tarrar called for LHC head justice take into account of Incident.

“We are not creating any obstacle in proceedings of in house. We won’t go until the vote is passed. We will wait until 12:00,” he said.

“This is not Gujrat”

deputy speaker Mazari, in a statement saying that elections would be held place in any cost and that he will return to the assembly building after.

“I will fulfill my constitutional and legal duty […] in attack against I was staged, it was not abrupt,” the vice speaker said.

He also whipped out in Elahi and said, “This is not Gujrat, where you can do whatever you want.” want. This is the Punjab Assembly and here we are follow Constitution and Law”.

Elahi condemns police intervention

Conversation with foreign mediaPA Speaker Elahi — in explicit reference to the LHC decision Article 69 says. of Constitution, courts are not allowed intervene in parliament affairs. “The courts cannot decide what will happen in parliament”.

Elahi said he gave the Vice Speaker additional powers as he contested for The chief minister, when Mazar “abused” his powers, he withdrew them, but the LHC restored these powers.

He said that since the founding of Pakistan, the police had not participated in any gatherings and called their interference unconstitutional.

“Throwing a lotus is common practice […] lots have been brought in in house time and again”, he said, adding that the governmentMPA was bribed to change sides.

in light of today’s events, we will decide our future well of action, he said, adding that the PML-N does not deserve the head of the ministerslot.

“Gangsters of Gujrat

While session of The PA has not yet started the National Assembly session kicked out off and elected a new speaker, Raja Pervez Ashraf. During a lower housex session, PML-N leader Khawaja Asif denounced attack on deputy speaker.

“Dost Mazari was martyred […] the sanctity of the congregation was violated; we will not allow hooliganism place and strive for support of constitution,” Asif said.

PML-N leader named attack on deputy speaker “day of shame” for parliamentarians when he accused Pervez Elahi and PTI chairman Imran Khan for in events what happened in Assembly.

Asif scolded PTI government in Punjab and said they wanted cling on to power illegal. “Whatever happens in Punjab is illegal and unconstitutional.”

In an obvious reference to PML-Q, the former foreign minister said “bandits of Gujrat” were brought to the meeting.

“We will not allow this,” Asif repeated.

‘Attack on democracy, constitution, courts

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari stated this in a tweet. attack on vice speaker was not only attack on Punjab Assembly, but it was attack on the courts that ordered the elections.

“An attack on our democracy attack on our constitution, attack on our federation and attack on in people of South Punjab,” Bilawal called the recent incidents in Assembly.

Hamza Shahbaz vs Pervez Elahi

Rigid competition expected between two candidates – Hamza Shahbaz and Parvez Elahi. Hamza – joint candidate of PML-N and others coalition parties, while Elahi from PML-Q is supported by PTI.

April 16 session held in line with BAC order on Wednesday in which it rejected Hamza’s offer plea hold early elections and restored strength of deputy speaker.

Vice speaker whose mandate was revoked last week – asked the court to hold elections on 16 April.

CMx office was vacant for nearly two weeks since former Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar — who was removed from your position last week – accepted the resignation of Usman Buzdar on April 1st.

In a symbolic session of provincial assembly, opposition elected PML-N leader Hamza as chief minister after the Talking Elahi is sealed off Punjab Assembly on April 6th.

The United Opposition stated that support of 200 members and sure of win CM elections. in house of 371, Hamza Shahbaz needs support of 186 members to become the main minister.

“Intentions are not clear’

During conversation with reporters after he arrived at the meeting this morning, Elahi said that even though he was the speaker, he was not the custodian of in house tonight like he’s a challenger for Chief ministerslot.

“Time will prove whether the vice speaker was honest or not […] we will try to hold transparent elections today,” Elahi said, adding that he knows where Dost Mohammad Mazari receives instructions from and will share details at the right time.

“Free and Fair Elections”

Meanwhile, Deputy Speaker Mazari said he would hold elections today. in line with in rules since he argued that if any member of The Punjab Assembly tried to disrupt the session but would not be pressured.

“Elections will be free and fair […] elections will be held place today and result would also be announced today,” Mazari told reporters.

The vice-speaker said that both parties – the opposition and the Treasury – would try to delay the elections, but promised to hold elections. in a “good manner.”

He had also noted that dissidents from any party will be allowed to throw them votes today.

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