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‘Proud of you’: Former PM Imran welcomes FATF decision as an achievement of Committee chaired by Hammad Azhar – Pakistan

Members of in former The PTI cabinet welcomed on Friday Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) announcement what about pakistan met all 34 items on two separate steps plans.

Now a watchdog schedule en on- Site visit to verify implementation and sustainability of countries money laundering and measures to combat terrorist financing, adding that Pakistan would take off grey list if this successfully passes in on- Visiting the site.

Soon after development, former prime minister Imran Khan said: “The FATF has repeatedly praised work and the political will that my government has shown.”

He said when government came to power [in 2018]it faced “direct perspective” of “blacklist” body by adding that country matching history with FATF was also not favorable.

“I created the FATF Coordinating Committee, headed by key minister Hammad Azar. All were represented on the committee. government departments and security agencies relevant to our FATF Action Plan. The officers worked day and night. in in first example for avoid black list.

“The FATF has repeatedly commended work and my political will government demonstrated. Not only have we prevented blacklisting, but also completed 32 out of 34 action items. We submitted a compliance report on the remaining two items in April on that the FATF has now declared Pakistan’s action plan completed,” he said.

Imran expressed confidence that the FATF on- site visit will be also to be success. He praised Azhar, saying that former energy ministermembers of its FATF coordinating committee and relevant officials “performed exceptionally well”.

“The whole country is proud of you,” he said.

Hammad Azar, who was former energy minister as well as also in government chief coordinator for efforts on anti-money laundering and counter-terror financing over in past four years, welcomed FATF recognition of observance by Pakistan as ” great reference point”.

In a tweet, Azhar said FATF rated Pakistan compatible on all 34 actions items.

“Only 2 actions items were outstanding and based on compliance performed between October and March, they were also cleared. All countries that the output is gray list carry out visits in accordance with the established procedure.

Meanwhile, the PTI leader and former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi expressed his gratitude to PTI and former Prime Minister Imran Khan. for ” achievement”, recalling the country, was delivered on grey list during tenure of PML-N in 2018.

He said the FATF had announced both actions plans complete whose compliance report has been submitted to PTI government in March.

Earlier today Azhar shared a photo of himself worth with officers, saying that Pakistan hard work on completing 34 actions items was result of “teamwork of officers who worked day and night in another government departments. They are real heroes!”

Prior to the announcement, PTI Senator Ejaz Chaudhry expressed his hope that Pakistan would come out of the gray list, calling it result of led by Imran Khan government work.

Meanwhile, PML-N official Twitter account criticized PTI government for diplomatic isolation of Pakistan, due to which he faced various economic sanctions.

it added that now, however, the nations of in world agreed to restore relations and worldx confidence in Pakistan was restored.

PPP leader and minister of State for Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar was interrogated on how big credit she would give PTI government for to development, to which she said: “Whoever wants to take out a loan can do it. Our job is to work for Pakistan we will continue work and we don’t care about who gets a loan and who does not.”

answering to her statement, the head of PTI and former information minister Fawad Chaudhry, recalled that Khar was among those legislators who refused vote in service of adoption of bills related to the FATF in 2020 because “they said we vote for these bills only if you finish money laundering cases against Zardari and Sharif.

Earlier today, prior to the FATF meeting’s decision, Michael Kugelman, academic of South Asia affairs at the Wilson Center, Washington, weighed in placing a loan for any result directly on PTI governmentshoulders.

“FATF Assessment of Pakistan’s efforts to complete his action plan for grey list the removal mostly covered the period when PTI was in power. So FATF decision will be founded today on what was done in The era of PTI,” he said.

He said that the army also “take credit wisely like me sure they would be behind a lot of of actions taken to try to get Pakistan off grey list”. However, as for whether there was a Pakistani Democratic Movement, which included many of in current coalition government parties could take out a loan for in development he replied with short “no”.


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