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Proud Boys leader Charles Donoghue agrees to testify against other in January 6 Riot at the Capitol

Man from North Carolina who was one of leaders of far-right Proud Boys during the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, Friday, pleaded guilty to two felony counts. with minimum punishment of almost six years in prison but agreed to cooperate against his co-defendants in hope of get a lighter sentence.

Court records filed on Friday show he has already gave numerous insights into groups plans and their intent to disrupt congressional elections vote confirmation.

Charles Donoghue, 34 of Kernersville, North Carolina, admitted to hosting a pro-Trump rally. attack on Congress and assault on law enforcement officers. Donoghue is first accused among six of leaders of the Proud Boys, including longtime chairman Enrique Tarrio, admit they organized attack on Congress and assault on law enforcement officers.

Proud boy pleaded guilty to criminal offense in capitol riot

Earlier this week, Tarrio pleaded not guilty to the charges. of conspiracy to thwart official production and six other crimes. He was ordered to be held in jail before court together with six other defendants.

Donoghue’s other defendants include who has been imprisoned since March of last year. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct official harassment and assault on police officers.

In December 2020, according to court documents filed on Friday, Tarrio appointed Donoghue one of members of Ministry of Self defense, manual group inside the Proud Boys getting ready for January 6.

In the application just submitted of resentment prosecutors said that “Donoghue understood that the goal of rally in Washington, on January 6, 2021 was supposed to terminate certification of Electoral college vote”. The leadership of MOSD was divided into a “marketing” board of three people, more members, and “operations” group. Donoghue was part of group marketing statement of insult says and that soon expanded to at least 65 members.

Already 4 Jan. prosecutors said, “Donoghue knew the members of The leadership of the MOSM discussed the possibility of assault on the Capitol. Donoghue believed that storming the Capitol would allow the group goal of stop government relations out transfer of presidential power. Donoghue knew that storming the Capitol would be illegal.”

The proud boys conspired in several encrypted channels ahead of January 6th riot for fear criminal gang allegations, USA alleges

Donoghue didn’t plan to be in COLUMBIA REGION on January 6, statement of insult says. But after the arrest of Tarrio on 4 January, 2021, for burning the Black Lives Matter banner stolen from a DC church, Donoghue decided to go to Washington because he “thought Tarrio arrest can create leadership void for MOSD,” the statement said. also Donoghue signed.

In the morning of On January 6, the Proud Boys left the Ellipse before President Donald Trump began his speech and did not return. Instead, they went to the Capitol shortly after 10 am, the statement said. of insult says and Donoghue posted it is his group under the number “200-300 PB”. Co-defendants Ethan Nordin and Joseph Biggs put together a group statement saying “Donoghue understood what Nordean and Biggs were looking for for opportunity to storm the Capitol.”

By 13:00 Proud Boys received instructions in “Push in!” messages Donoghue reposted the message to others group leaders. Donoghue confessed throwing two bottles of water to the police trying to prevent the advance of the mafia. At 13:37 Donoghue took picture of co-defendant Dominic Pezzola staged a riot shield who was seized by the police.

Donoghue then found another proud boy who “Arranged a brawl at the front of crowd”, statement says. “Donoghue pushed forward for advancement up concrete staircase to the Capitol. The crowd overwhelmed the police who tried to stop their advance.” Some 140 police officers were injured in the attack and five people died in in attack or immediately aftermath.

Donoghue was struck by the pepper balls fired by the police and had to back off but later celebrated the assault of Capitol, statement says, writing in MOSD message group”we stormed the capital unarmed” and “took This is over unarmed.”

Nordin, Biggs and Pezzola pleaded not guilty.

Donoghue – third member of proud boys group admit guilt. Wednesday Jeffrey Finlay, President of branch of the West Virginia Proud Boys, recognized as part of of attempt help Trump supporters crack down on police outside Capitol, and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of trespass on limited grounds but did not agree to cooperate with in government.

Donoghue is second The proud boy agreed to testify against his co-defendants. In January Matthew Green of Syracuse, NY Named Coordinator with other members from New York of extremist group ahead of the Capitol Mafia and pleaded guilty to a criminal conspiracy, also hoping for a reduced offer in exchange for his cooperation. how result of their deals, sentencing dates weren’t set for Donoghue or Green, waiting for the result of their testimony in both testing and grand jury hearings.

Conspiracy charge that Donoghue pleaded brings with it a sentencing range of from 97 to 121 months, but including the loan for Adoption of responsibility and early entry plea reduced Donoghue’s sentence ranges from 70 to 87 months. If Donoghue provides further assistance, prosecutors may ask U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly reduce his proposal goes on. Longest sentence handed down so far in the investigation into the breach of the Capitol lasted 63 months, to Robert S. Palmer, for attack on the police.

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