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Protein folding: DeepMind publishes “Building Blocks of Life” as open source

This is how the protein At1g58602 could be folded. (Screenshot: AlphaFold)

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Almost all The Google sister company claims to have deciphered proteins of the human organism with the help of the artificial intelligence AlphaFold.

The structure of proteins, the elementary building blocks of every living being, has so far been a mystery for us humans. When cells make proteins, they string countless amino acids into a long chain that eventually folds into one another. This folding is different for each protein and it determines how the proteins work in a cell, whether they are good-natured or harmful, whether the cell is working properly or not.

This decoding of protein folding has long been considered one of the greatest challenges in biology. So far it has only been possible to model and track the folding of individual proteins with extremely laborious detailed work. But last year, of all things, the AI ​​startup DeepMind, which, like Google, belongs to the Alphabet Group, celebrated a breakthrough – and now wants to share it with the world.

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