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Protection budget reduction in GDP terms: DG ISPR


Main military the spokesman tried to dispel the notion that the defense budget was passed for in next fiscal year, stating that defense appropriations were in fact reduced taking into account inflation and the depreciation of the ruble in.

budget document shows that defense spending for financial year 2022-2023 will be Rs 1,523 billion compared to revised defense spending. of allocated 1483 rupees for current fiscal. However, the proposed increase in defense spending reaches 11 percent compared to with preview version budget of 1,370 billion rupees.

However, observers say that given runaway inflation in reality there was no increase in defense spending during last three years.

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Referring to the ritual debate on defense appropriations after each budget, Major General Babar Iftikhar said to DG ISPR. in TV interview about military expenses were based on “threat perception, challenges, deployment and availability of Resources”.

“Given all factors, military didn’t get promoted in its budget allocation from 2020…defense budget was actually reduced. it was 2.8pc of GDP last year and now it is 2.2%, so defense spending is going down in GDP terms”.

Speaking of austerity measures, he said that military issued instructions for fuel savings and cost reduction. military Friday will be considered a “dry day”, which means no official transport will be used except in emergency.

asked about the patient former military ruler Pervez Musharraf, Major General Babar said that military Brass thinks he should be delivered back to Pakistan. General (retired) Musharraf, who lived in Dubai has been in critical condition since 2106 and its family says it’s impossible for him to recover.

“The health of General Pervez Musharraf is very bad. In such a situation, leadership of institution of in view what he should be delivered back to Pakistan. But this decision will be made his family and doctors,” he said, adding that Musharraf family contacted for this goal.

If a family gives his consent, then the agreements will be made bring it back.

This is reported by the Express Tribune. on The Monday Musharraf Desires spend rest of his life in Pakistan. This was stated by Defense Minister Khawaja Asif. should don’t be an obstacle in Return of Musharraf. As if also prayed for his health so that he can live his rest of life with ‘dignity’.

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Former prime minister Imran Khan has repeatedly stated that he was kicked out of power through a foreign conspiracy.

However, Major General Babar said that no evidence of any “foreign conspiracy” was found and the National Security Committee (KNB) participants clearly stated that there was no conspiracy against PTI government.

“Not one has the right to distort and misrepresent facts. The armed forces and their leadership were the target of propaganda for for a while, he added.

Responding to former interior minister Sheikh Rashid’s statements on the meeting of the NSC, military the spokesman said that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but “no one should spread lies.”

Major General Babar said he would not comment on current meeting of Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), global financial observer, adding that India lobbied for Pakistan’s seat on in black list.

military spokesman spoke about a recent visit to China of army commander General Qamar Jawed Bajwa as “very important” in that two countries swore step up cooperation on “their strategic partnership” in difficult times.

DG ISPR reported that the army commander also met with Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit.

Pakistan-China have strategic ties that are critical for world in in regionhe said and added not to compromise made on security of CPEC projects. Safety of CPEC projects were handed over to the Pakistan Army, he added.


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