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Productivity: This is why you should take a break every 90 minutes

First take a deep breath: Take a break every 90 minutes (Photo: fizkes / Shutterstock).
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When should people take a break to stay productive? Researchers have found an answer to this.

Breaks are important to maintain productivity. But opinions often differ about how they should be designed. One theory is that breaks are most effective after 90 minutes. Scientists explain this approach along the basic rest activity cycle (BRAC), which humans are subject to at night and which also has a total length of 90 minutes. During this time, the person goes through several light and deep sleep phases. The cycle repeats itself several times.

In these phases the brain processes various information from everyday life and then recovers. A healthy person has four to seven repetitions per night. Deviations from this basic pattern often lead to sleep being perceived as less restful. In this respect, the BRAC pattern is considered the optimum or the ideal concept of regeneration for the body. The model is better known under the name “the sleep cycle”.

Transfer the model of the sleep cycle to the working day

Hypnogramm mit einem Schlafzyklus – hier folgte nach kurzem „Wachliegen“ (W) etwas Leichtschlaf (N1), unterbrochen von erneutem Wachwerden, danach etwas Schlaf der Stadien N2 und ausgiebig Tiefschlaf (N3) sowie 13 Minuten REM-Schlaf (R). (Grafik: Wikipedia)

Sleep cycle – after a short “lying awake” (W) there follows some light sleep (N1), interrupted by waking up again, then some sleep of stages N2 and extensive deep sleep (N3) as well as 13 minutes of REM sleep (R). (Graphic: Wikipedia)

One of the researchers behind the BRAC model, Professor Nathaniel Kleitmann, also found out that this rhythm can be transferred to the human waking phase. The body also goes through various intervals within 90 minutes, which are composed of increased and less increased ability to concentrate. He also signals that, Kleitmann indicated, but we are now good at ignoring these signals with caffeine or sugar in order to keep us artificially awake with stress hormones.

Top performers treat themselves to a break every 90 minutes

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