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Problems of the Met Office warning with temperatures plummeted overnight as the Arctic air crosses

Temperature set plummet overnight like the cold arctic air doing this way across Britain. Under-zero expected temperature in many parts of Great Britain on Friday evening.

The Met Office has warned that temperatures could drop as low as -3°C in Rothbury, Northumberland.

national the weatherman released yellow weather warning for ice that could cause “some injuries from slips and falls” and “possible trip disruption” in eastern regions on Saturday morning.

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East cover. half of country including the Scottish Borders, Northumberland, Durham, North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, yellow weather warning lasts from midnight to 10 am on Saturday.

Met Office meteorologist Dan Stroud said overnight temperatures would drop to 7°C. below the average for time of year in London is like the Arctic air crosses the UK.

The meteorological office published yellow weather warning for ice covering most of Northeast
(Image: Met Office)

He said “Last night we got down up to -8С in Scotland and we’re probably looking at the temperature in same neck of the woods, in highlands, of around -6C or -7C – but we are talking about the countryside locations.

“For most people will be around -1C.

“In London we expect -2C.

“Night for London in April should be around 5C so it’s definitely colder than it is now should to be for this time of year”.

Coast Whitley Bay
Coast Whitley Bay
(Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

Description of weekend weatherMr. Stroud added: “It is usually dry and cold here, if not a little less cold than we had. for in next a few days.

“We have the Arctic. air the leak has been established at the moment, that is, it comes from a cold source.

“So we basically chilled out, clear air installed throughout the UK.

“There is also many of clear and sunny skies, especially in the western parts of Great Britain.”

Mr Stroud said the temperature should climb from about 10C on average over Weekend around 14C on Monday like the Arctic air system moves away.


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