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probe possible Links between Maskan Khan and the “Invisible Hands” behind Hijab Class: Anantkumar Hegde

BJP MP and former union minister Anant Kumar Heigd wrote to Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai demands investigation into possible links between student Maskan Khan and the “Invisible Hands” behind Hijab row.

In a recent video clip, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri praised studentresident of mandia who defend use of hijab in Educational institutions chanted slogans of “God is great” while A pisses him off group of men wearing saffron shawls in February this year.

In a letter dated April 8, Hegde referred to “invisible hands” behind Hijab class and forbidden outfits in the state. He claimed that the verb miskan had become global news And that it was paid by several Islamic organizations, then praised it by Al-Zawahiri.

“The Supreme Court too in The ruling on hijab had suggested this possibility of Involvement of Some invisible hands behind Class over wearing of hijab in Classroom of Educational institutions. Therefore, I hereby request for Detailed investigation into possible links between student The Mask, the Invisible Hands behind The controversy over the veil and the banned organization.

In response, Bomai said he would talk to Hegde and ask him to share relevant information in the case. “Let’s see, I don’t know Whats going on. I will talk to Anantkumar Hegde regarding information He has it. based on on “We will take the necessary measures,” he told reporters.

Home Minister Jnanendra said that government Taking issue seriously. He said, “I can’t share full Details related to the investigation because it is not an ordinary case. Al-Zawahiri is head of a international Terrorist Organisation. If he talks about our Karnataka girl, we have to take it seriously.”

In a nine-minute video posted by al-Qaeda’s al-Sahab spokesman, mediaAl-Zawahiri said Maskan’s actions were a moral lesson women who consider themselves inferior to women in the West.

Maskan, A second-year B. com studenthave reached PES College in Mandia to deliver a mission when she was harassed at the climax of hijab class in Karnataka. After the video of Al-Zawahiri came outmuscan father Muhammad Hussain said: No know who He and why is he involved? in a issue of My country. I don’t even know who He and he is wrong To take a daughter’s name. I am happy in My country. We do not need them (Al-Qaeda) to talk about the issues of our country. they are just spoil our peace.”


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