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Priti Patel steps down home secretary before the Liz Truss cabinet reshuffle

Priti Patel resigned home secretary with a call for Liz Truss K back “all aspects” of her immigration policy, on the day when judges began to check the legality of Rwanda policy.

Ms Patel said it was her choice to return to the bench before new prime minister appoints his cabinet, and Independent understands that she has informed the Ministry of the Interior that she is leaving post.

Foreign secretary It has won competition to become prime ministers won’t enter Downing Street until Tuesday.

On Twitter, Ms. Patel wrote: “Congratulations to Liz Truss. on Existence elected our new leader and will give She is mine support like our new prime minister.

“It’s my choice to continue public service to the country and the constituency of Witham from the back, as soon as Liz officially assumes office and new home secretary appointed.”

Miss Truss has been confirmed as new prime minister after she defeated her rival Rishi Sunak and became the leader of the Conservative Party.

However, she must wait. more than 24 hours officially enter the number 10, despite cost of living crisis facing country. She will be asked to form government tomorrow on visit to the queen in Balmoral, in Aberdeenshire.

At this stage, her cabinet is expected to take shape ahead of the cabinet meeting, which is expected to take place earlier. on Wednesday morning.

Miss Patel was thrown Mr. Johnson’s career lifeline when she entered his office in 2019.

She was forced to resign because international development secretary by that time-prime minister Theresa May in 2017 over unauthorized contacts with Israeli officials.

Hard talk, she’s long attracted controversy for her views and were saved in her work after the 2020 investigation found she violated the ministerial code by intimidating civil servants.

She confirmed that she down in a letter to Boris Johnson in which she said: “It is vital that your successor supports all aspects of [our] politics on illegal migration.

Ms. Patel listed the Rwanda deal, which is the subject of two ongoing legal challenges in the High Court and contrary to internal government consultations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomats.

outgoing home secretary accused “political opponents and left activists, lawyers and activists” for trying to block some of her ambitions and said that she would continue to defend her causes from back benches.

Bella Sledge, director of Detention Action, said, “Ms. Patel will remember for turning far-right fantasies into government policyinciting hatred for lawyers for doing their job, violating constitutional norms and tearing thousands of people from their homesfamily and children”.

Priti Patel Praises Rwanda as Supreme Court challenge starts

Number of asylum cases pending with the Ministry of the Interior, record high, and the number of Crossing the English Channel has skyrocketed since Ms Patel vowed to make the route “unviable”. in august 2020.

Enver Solomon, Managing Director of This was announced by the Refugee Council. Independent: “Most people simply want refuge system which is orderly, humane and just and gives men, women as well as children who fled war, conflict and violence fair trial on UK soil. What have we seen over in last a few years is the opposite.

She called next home secretary don’t repeat mistakes of in past again as well as again”, but also in order to “eliminate the main shortcomings of the shelter.” system that is in desperate need of reform”.

The charity Freedom from Torture stated that Ms. Patel “lived over a little of the most morally heinous and legally dubious politicians in recent political history”.

Directed by Steve Crawshaw added: “She displayed an insolent and consistent contempt for both domestic and international law while her attacks on the right to protest undermines key pillar of our democracy.

“Her successor has the opportunity to leave behind Patel’s controversy politics and take concrete steps to reforming our refuge system, starting with establishing safe routes and increasing international collaboration to people those fleeing torture and war are no longer forced to make perilous journeys to reach Great Britain.”

Previously on On Monday, Ms. Patel was forced to defend her record in office after being accused of observation of rise in gun and a knife crime. She leaves office with registered crimes, standing on record high, and the proportion of those held accountable for record short.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper warned of serious problem” with cruel crime.

home secretary said she was “proud” of her time at the Home Office, claiming it saw “some of the biggest reforms on security, migration and public safety”.

Critics called it “the worst home secretary in life memory’, blaming her of presiding over “brutal” and unreasonable policy leaving morale in Ministry of the Interior at the bottom.

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