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Priti Patel Plan for Rwanda for Asylum seekers in the UK are at risk first law challenge | Refugees

first a criminal case against Priti Patel’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda as a UN refugee agency has raised concerns that the UK is “inviting” other European countries. countries accept the same divisive immigration policy.

Placed last Tuesday, legal challenge declares that home secretary proposals run despite international UN refugee law and convention and UK data breach protection law.

Lawyers believe that Rwanda plans are a “publicity stunt” to scare away people English Channel crossing in small boats. Patel refuses to reveal key framework documents explaining which migrants may be eligible for removed.

This was stated by the acting representative of the UNHCR in the UK Larry Bottinik. Observer: “We are concerned that they [the British] urge all their European colleagues to do the same. I can understand from their point of view why they did it – it would be give such transactions more perceived as legitimacy if others do the same.” Denmark has already showed interest in outsourcing elements of his hideout system to Rwanda.

bottinic added that the UK would welcome others countries follow suit because that would mean even fewer refugees made him to the north of France. He warned: “It will increase the pressure on those states that are adjacent to conflict zones, already hosting great majority of those seeking asylum.”

The action was initiated by the law firm InstaLaw. The Home Office has three weeks to respond, and this process may lead Patel is challenged in high court. Stuart Luke, partner at InstaLaw, said their case was founded on Iranian asylum seeker who thinks he face an extremely difficult time if he is sent to Rwanda. “He could be the only Iranian in country, no network there is no community one who He speaks language. How is he going to manage, survive? How is he going to find a job, get an education?” Luke said.

Initially, the Interior Ministry assured that it would not deport him until May 10, but on On Friday, the department supported down and said he was not going to deport him.

Bottinick says UNHCR has ‘serious concerns’ over how Home Office and Rwanda set out to integrate non-African asylum seekers who constituted the vast majority of Arrival in United Kingdom.

“There will be problems basic as an interpretation for Vietnamese and Albanian speakers. main arrival in the UK also include Iranians, Iraqis and Syrians. We have serious concerns about Rwanda’s ability to integrate these groups.”

Legal move came when activists accused Patel of “racist” and “inhuman” policies over plan of Rwanda during her appearance on the Conservative party dinner. home secretary spoke at a dinner hosted by the Bassetlow Conservatives. in Nottinghamshire on Friday when several activists stood on their chairs and condemned her for in policy.

Video published on social media shows woman standing up and tell Patel, “Priity Patel, your racist policy killing people. Your plans to send people seeking asylum in Rwanda is inhumane and will destroy people’s lives.” The woman was booed before being taken away. Number of other activists then stood up and made statements.

Contacted the Ministry of the Interior for comment.

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