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Princeton University became free for families earning less than $100,000

Princeton University of New Jersey announced this week that families in this income group will no longer pay cost to study at a prestigious school, among the famous graduates of which former First Lady Michelle Obama, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Queen Noor of Jordan and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.
Previously, only families with incomes of less than $65,000 received full financial to help coverage. Over 25% of undergraduates of the university, or 1500 students, will now receive financial help that covers full cost of tuition and room and board as of thursday news release.

university financial aid expansion will also help out families who earn up up to $150,000, according to news release.

“One of Princeton’s defining values ​​are our commitment to ensure that talented students from all walks of life can not only afford a Princeton education, but can thrive on our campus and in in world beyond,” said Christopher L. Eisgruber, president of Princeton. in release.

“These improvements are in our aid packages, made possible thanks to your unwavering generosity of our alumni and friends will improve the experience of students during their time at Princeton, their choices and influence after graduation”.

Students Beginning at Princeton in autumn 2023 will be first benefit from new as well as improved financial help scheme.

University also canceled the annual student contribution – part of tuition fees and expenses that students had to pay with own savings and on-campus work — and increased financial allowance for personal expenses and books.

Jill Dolan, Dean of college at Princeton, designed the expansion as part of of Great Princeton commitment to diversity.

In his statement, Dolan specifically referred to “socio-economic diversity”, arguing that move expand financial help will allow “more students from different walks of life to learn from one someone else’s experience.”

“We are happy to accept these next steps expand coverage and effect of Princeton financial to help.”

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