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“Prime Minister’s Laboratory…”: Rahul Gandhi latest Swipe in the center over Agnipath diagram | India latest news

Rahul Gandhi also Ask what it will be future of in thousands of Retired Agniveers on 4-year shrinkage.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday ascended up for him attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Agnipath scheme, saying that the security of India and future of Young in danger Because of The new an experience in Prime Laboratory.

“60,000 soldiers retires every year out of Only 3000 people can get it government Careers. What will happen future of in thousands of Retired Agniveers on 4-year shrinkage? with this new an experience in The prime minister’s laboratory, whether security of country and future of Young in dangerGandhi on Twitter in Indian.

Under the Agnipath scheme, young people between ages of 17-and-half 21 years old will be entered for fouryear while 25 per cent of They will be recruited later for regular Services.

The scheme has been revealed on June 14, after which violent protests erupted against He. She in several countries for For nearly a week, many opposition parties demanded to withdraw from it.

The government It was on June 16th raise the age limit for Employment under the scheme to 23 years from 21 for The year 2022 and beyond announced A large number of placatory steps like preference for Agniverse in Central Paramilitary Forces and Defense public Sector pledges upon their retirement.

Congress and Gandhi are demonstrating against Agnipath scheme of the center.

On Friday, opposition members, including KC Venugopal and Uttam Kumar Reddy . marched out in protest from a meeting of Parliamentary Committee on In defence, he claimed that they were not allowed to discuss Agnipath’s scheme.

members of Congress and BSP Committee Chairman Jawwal Oncology urged to allow Discussion on Agnipath’s scheme, arguing that it has huge implications and required Parliamentary scrutiny but permission is denied.

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