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Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif criticized Imran Khan for “poisoning the minds of Pakistanis” against government agencies

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif says on in floor of National Assembly in islamabad, on May 9, 2022 – National Assembly of Pakistan
  • Prime Minister Shehbaz says Khan received an “unprecedented support from the institution.”
  • Prime Minister asks Khan not to vomit against institutions; afraid of anarchy.
  • “The next generation is laid”, PM says about economic failure.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif came under fire on Monday out from PTI Chairman Imran Khan for “poisoning” of consciousness of Pakistanis with his speeches directed against state institutions.

“The nation was divided, as the Khan repeatedly urged [the then-Opposition and now government] thieves and robbers,” said Prime Minister Shehbaz, speaking during first regular session of National Assembly since new governmentformation.

termination Khan’s Abbottabad Speech “dangerous,” said Prime Minister Shahbaz, the PTI chairman told his supporters that the commanders of Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula-in- the leaders were “Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq”, which is a direct reference to the institutions of Pakistan.

“There can be nothing [wrost] than the words he used for institutions in his speech, prime minister said slapping Khan for spewing poison against institutions, which was tantamount to “betrayal”.

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prime minister warned that if Khan was not banned from criticizing institutions, Pakistan soon become like Syria and Lebanon, where an anarchist situation has developed.

Prime Minister Shehbaz added that the institution that Khan had targeted “spoiled him like child” and he was “their favorite when he was in in government.”

“I want say it house that this institution did not support any government or prime minister in in last 75 years old like she supported Imran Khan Niazi,” said Prime Minister Shahbaz, criticizing the PTI chairman. for not deliver.

“No Conspiracy”

Quoting former Ambassador to the United States Assad Majid Khan, whose meeting with US officials called the “threat” Imran Khan – Prime Minister Shehbaz said the ambassador “wrote in letter that they used a threatening tone but there was no mention of of CONSPIRACY”.

Former-prime minister Khan repeatedly accused the United States for support no-confidence movement is lead to his exile and refused to acceptelected Prime Minister, saying that “there can be no greater insult to this country” – but the Joe Biden administration denied any role.

prime minister also mentioned that the statement of the meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) was very clear in in this regard, and he did not mention any conspiracy against Khansky government.

Shehbaz mentioned that in in the past, the governments of the United States, Russia and India threatened Pakistan, but this did not mean that the country was plotting against Islamabad.

Power and economic crisis

prime minister said previous government did not import oil and gas on time, as a result in a power a crisis. He also accused them for import expensive gas, which caused “great loss” for national Treasury Department.

Prime Minister Shahbaz said he scolds PTI government for the preservation of some power plants shut, which were now being gradually opened, and as a result there was a small decline in load reduction.

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prime minister noted that the budget deficit of Rs 5,500 was historical, and in 3.5 years that PTI government was in powerIt took huge loans, but work on development.

” next generation is laid, nothing can be more more unfortunate than that” prime minister said, lamenting the difficult economic challenge his government faces.

But prime minister said he would take note of electricity crisis and respond to house in in this respect soon.

“Imran Khan Seeks the Destruction of Institutions”

Taking to floor after Prime Minister Shahbaz’s speech, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said that Imran Khan “seeks the destruction of institutions” and called him an “unstable” person.

“Not me in service of dragging some things into politics. This person [Khan] is an on a quest to destroy institutions responsible for countries safety”protection minister said.

Asif said that the Constitution is a child of in parliament and “we must protect parliament and other institutions.” Protection minister said that if legislators do not protect the Constitution and institutions today, they will leave against their oath.

Defense minister claiming that PTI chairman creating obstacles for institutions for perform his duties, Khan said, without even mentioning “anything” about his duties. performance in Any of it has recently been held rallies.

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