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Prime Minister Shahbaz is calling for ‘grand dialogue’ for nation to progress – Pakistan

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday called for a “grand dialoguebetween all interested parties over vital sectors of in economy for nation to progress.

Speech at the inauguration ceremony of Indus Hospital in Lahore, the prime minister said the consensus should to be developed over in national economy in in such a way that it”should not be violated with changes of government.”

He suggested that there are certain sectors of in economy like IT and industrialization, thanks to which the country could move forthcoming.

prime minister stressed that these stakeholders should to think “over oneself and one’s personal likes and dislikes” and give priority progress and prosperity of nation.

He said no one should have permission to do politics on healthcare, agriculture, etc. “You need to see the big picture you have to kill your ego for prosperity of the nation,” he said. added.

“grand dialogue” on economy repeats the calls of the Prime Minister for charter of economy” he has made in in the pastMost recently on May 27th. He lamented that he made offer “almost four years ago, but my offer was rejected with contempt”.

He said the charter was an imperative, so no government could use in economy for for the sake of of politics, adding that he will reach out to all political parties for dialogue on cause.

In his speech today, Prime Minister Shehbaz said nations were not formed building majestic buildings, but hard workintegrity and sacrifice combined with knowledge and latest technology.

prime minister argued that “the country cannot survive on debt”.

Comparison of Pakistan’s export volume with According to him, Bangladesh’s annual exports have now reached $40 billion, while Pakistan’s exports are $27-28 billion a year.

He lamented that Pakistan should were at the forefront of Islamic world in terms of progress as well as development.

Fuel price to travel on foot

prime minister said it government rise in oil prices”with heavy heart.”

He also called the previous governments decision of decline in oil prices in month of March “trick” because “they didn’t have extended any of helping the masses during their rule”.

prime the minister, however, promised that his government would try it best to help the poor and declared that he sought to alleviate the impact of in price hike by extension financial relief up to 70 million people.

About load shedding, prime minister said he chaired an emergency meeting yesterday in which he ordered the mechanism to be developed to decrease its duration.

He said that the previous PTI government failed organize purchases of oil and gas are two components, according to him, that were mainly used in Production of power – and now the prices of these items very high in in global market.

He also hinted at the announcement of further austerity measures in in face of economic challenges.

‘What about last 3 years?’

prime minister said he was ready to take responsibility for its two-and-half month rule”But what about the previous rulers who ruled the country in in last three-plus-half years?”.

He also appreciated the contribution of Dr. Amjad Saqib and said that if good and generous people wanted expand support to government in security of help to the masses in the health sector, they should be encouraged and not be politically targeted.

prime minister his administration said in Punjab had set up PKLI hospital, which he says has become “world-famous hospital” but previous PTI government “politicized it and caused huge damage.”

“PTI government It was destroyed all departments and institutions,” he said. added.

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