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Prime Minister Shahbaz criticized PTI for crushing national unity

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif speaks at the Sirat-un-Nabi conference in Lahore, on October 9, 2022 – ANNEX

LAHORE: During tenure of previous mode, false charges were brought against political opponents they were put behind bars and unity of the nation has been destroyed, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said on Sunday, criticizing the Imran Khan-led PTI.

prime ministerspeaking at the Sirat-un-Nabi conference in Lahore, said: “The degrading words used for political opponents were unthinkable, which amazed the minds.

Without naming PTI Chairman Khan, prime minister wondered whether it was justified not to respond to the judicial authorities.

prime minister further said that Toshakhana became “the source of of personal income”, and the refusal of law and judiciary were common norms in previous government.

In another attack on Khan, Prime Minister Shebaz said this should don’t forget that people you can confuse, but the person will be held accountable for their affairs on day of Judgment.

He said about 33 million. people suffered from floods, but some elements were not ready to sacrifice their politics in such a state of crisis and were not even ready share their resources.

For the transformation of the country on sample of Riyasat-i-Madina, prime minister only possible following real essence of teachings of sira of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and path of companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).

He said Allah has given Pakistanis a rare opportunity in the form of an independent country, therefore a nation should do not waste, but appreciate the blessing of freedom.

prime minister stressed the rejuvenation of the spirit of “faith, unity and discipline” to rule the country out of today’s questions.

He noticed that wealth management system can only be achieved in accordance with the teachings and principles of the Quran of Sira (peace be upon him) and emphasized need for reforms in administration and judiciary system.

Prime Minister Shehbaz emphasized that today the nation required conduct a retrospective and evaluation of yourself under the ideals of Riyasat-i-Madina.

“Where are we today in kingdoms of education and research on moral and social values, justice and nobility, these are the pressing questions that required answers,” he said, adding how for a long time they would be limited to simple traditional rhetoric.

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