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Prime Minister Shahbaz blames the judiciary of having ‘double standards

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday criticized the supreme judiciary and accused of having “double standards” with regarding treatment of different political parties.

“I elected representative, and so the question is when truth would say, if not today.

Turning to session of National Assembly (NA) on On Wednesday, Shahbaz Sharif reiterated that he has great respect for the judiciary and speaks only of “double standards”, adding that he has the right to do so as elected representative of in people.

prime minister walked on say: “I ask if there was a time when former main justice took Suo moto [notices] day and night … when the courts are called, then, I think, we should go with great I respect … but if you decide, then this should to be on the foundation of truth as well as justice. It can’t be that you treat to me one way as well as treat someone else”.

prime ministercriticism of the judiciary came the day after the Supreme Court hit down Decree of the Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly Dost Muhammad Mazari and removed his son Hamza Shehbaz – head of the province minister.

prime minister said that during the previous PTI government tenure “no one took notification” of various scandals such as the wheat and sugar crisis, violation of his consent with International Monetary Fund, as well as violations in Peshawar SAP project.

“Who planned attack this is parliament in 2014, who hang dirty clothes on in building of Supreme Court, who asked public to set fire to electricity bills, but no one took Note that everyone was silent.

Prime Minister Shehbaz put up question what how could be like this for a long time”double standards continue.”

He noted that the high court considered the actions of former NA Speaker Qasim Suri in March as a violation of Constitution.

“[That was a] very good thing but no one summoned him. But the Punjab Assembly [deputy] the speaker took action and was called to court,” Shahbaz said, referring to the recent trial. in Supreme Court over decision and behavior of the deputy speaker during the Friday meeting of the head of the Punjab minister elections.

Prime Minister Shahbaz said the constitution set out role and jurisdiction of courts and other institutions in which they were to work. He lamented that in 75 years have passed, the constitution has been forged with and introduced martial law, causing Pakistan to violate in two and obstruction of democratic growth.

prime minister criticized PTI government for its economic performance for 3.5 years, adding that coalition government decided to come in power save the country from default.

“We came [in power] through the back door? it first if someone doesn’t attack prime minister’s house [the change occurred] through power of vote, in conformity with law. They are changed this is the worst government and accepted challenge [to rule]”.


Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, in in his address to the National Assembly he emphasized need for judicial reform, stating that it need of hour and what government should protect role of in parliament.

He stressed that the Russian mandate was to form the Constitution, and the job of the judiciary was to interpret it. “They can’t amend on them.”

“Do you think that all your sins will be forgiven thanks to one night of neutrality?” he asked without naming anyone.

Bilawal said it should no longer worry about whether the dictator came from Bani Gala or was sent by the establishment. ” parliament is the highest and power to resolve all questions”.

Foreign minister said the chief justice was not the entire Supreme Court, but instead every member of the highest court had the same meaning. “Just three judges cannot change the Constitution,” minister said in reference to the decision of the Supreme Court on the victory of Hamza Shehbaz in Main minister the elections were invalidated.

He also voiced it support for formation of joint parliamentary committee on judicial reforms, stating that it is necessary to protect the Constitution and democracy.

Resolution adopted for formation of Committee on judicial reforms

Meanwhile, Minister of Justice Azam Nazir Tarar submitted a resolution for parliamentary committee for judicial reforms in today’s session, which was approved unanimously.

The day before, while the trial was going on in the Supreme Court against them, ruling coalition gave clear an indication that he will consider a law to limit powers of Supreme Court.

The resolution stated that Parliament would not allow any other institution to “violate and encroach” on his powers. It said that the National Assembly decided special joint committee of the upper and lower houses to carry out the necessary judicial reforms, adding that they need of hour”.

Relief efforts after rains across the country

prime minister also turned to total destruction caused monsoon rains and said coalition government was well aware of this, adding that he himself held meetings with provinces on cause.

He said the provincial governments were working day and night for relief operations and the center was also playing this is role.

Prime Minister Shahbaz said he called another meeting and that government would increase relief package announced for in people.

“Wherever there is loss, we will not regret the opportunity to make up for them.”

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