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Prime Minister Refuses to Lower Fuel Taxes: “End Stop”

Limitation of maximum margins in marketing was approved in the specialty

The prime minister refused the possibility of lowering fuel taxes in the State Budget to 2022 arguing that the “carbon tax will continue to increase”, as it is needed to combat climate change.

Asked this Thursday in Parliament by CDS-PP MP Cecília Meireles, who had criticized that “the large margin” in fuel prices “is for the State”, António Costa stated that “the tax cost that has gone up” with regard to fuels“is what results from the carbon tax, and it works well “.


In the statements published by the Lusa agency, the government leader stressed that “it is necessary once and for all political leaders no longer have two speeches and no longer pretend to be silly before public opinion”, because “they cannot say for half a week that there is a climate emergency and the other half say that they do not want measures to combat the climate emergency”.

“Climate emergency is an emergency every day, it requires a carbon tax, this carbon tax will continue to increase and it is a correct policy not to make the slightest contribution to lowering taxes on carbonized fuels, period”

, the Prime Minister took over.


Law proposal that allows setting of maximum margins approved in the specialty

In response to PAN deputy Inês Sousa Real, António Costa guaranteed that the Government will continue to eliminate subsidies to fossil fuels: “As I said, and rightly so, since 2018 we have been successively eliminating all subsidization on fossil fuels. And let’s continue on this trajectory.”


Also on Thursday, the deputies approved in the specialty the proposal for a Government law that allows the setting of maximum margins for marketing for simple fuels and bottled LPG. The final text of the draft law proposal (PPL) No. 109/XIV/2.º, which “changes the current legal regime in order to enable the Government to intervene with the fixing of margins in all components of the gasoline and plain diesel and bottled LPG value chains”, the vote was approved by the Committee on Environment, Energy and Spatial Planning with the favorable votes of the PS, PCP, PAN and Joacine Katar Moreira against the CDS-PP and the abstention of the PSD and the Left Block (BE).


Lusa adds that the final text approved in the specialty will now go to vote in the plenary of the Assembly of the Republic.

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