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Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Gujarat live | In 8 years, we tried build India of dreams of Sardar Patil Babu: Prime Minister Modi on the Gujarat Rally

Batiders have domination in saurashtra region Where the Prime Minister is scheduled to be a mega . address event. by converting out in In huge numbers, battidars will put up up a show of future force of Crucial elections, as the BJP aims to win for For the sixth time in a row communitymany of Those with the title of Patel make up about 12-14% of the states population.

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel belongs to the sub-branch.group “Kadva Patel” of The Batidar clan. The state has seen no less than five Chief Ministers of Patel including Anandipen Patel, Kishubhai Patel, Chimanbhai Patel and Babubhai Patel since the formation. of Gujarat on May 1, 1960.

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