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Prime Minister Modi, Manmohan Singh cast vote to elect India next vice president ; Jagdeep Dankar Margaret Alpha

NDA filter for vice president post Jagdeep Dhankhar, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (Quick photo Prem Nath Pandey)

A new video message awaits us of Alpha said in opinion polls: “If Parliament is to function effectively, deputies and independents of Their parties, you must find ways for it rebuild Trust and restore the broken connection between each other. In the end, they are the deputies who character identification of Our Parliament.

vice president also works as chief of Rajya Sabha. Electoral College in Vice President elections consist of a total of 788 members of both houses of Parliament.

Unlike the presidential elections in How long does it take to vote? place in multiple locations as such elected MLAs, not specified, also part of electoral college, in Election of the vice president, takes the ballot place Just in Parliament.

Since all voters are members of both houses of Parliament value of vote of Each vice will be the same, onesaid the Electoral Commission.

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