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Prime Minister Modi Inaugurates Amrita Hospital, Faridabad Tomorrow – A Look At Asia’s Largest Private Hospital

New Delhi: In the Anglo-Mysore War of 1792, Bullock’s chariot driver named Cowasjee, he suffered amputation of his nose and one of his hands. for fun of the british, in Fantastic operation, Cowasjee had his nose reconstructed. English physicians Thomas Crusoe and James Findlay witnessed this operation. this method of Nose repair was much better than current European methods at the time. This incident has been reported in Gentleman’s Magazine, Person who He identified himself as “BL” wrote, “This operation is not uncommon in India and practiced long ago.Read also – The Case of Tens Jahan: The Branish Case father Dies in hospital

This is a watershed moment in The history of Plastic surgery, especially in field of Corrective rhinoplasty. Read also – The Case of Tens Jahan: The Branish Case father Dies in hospital

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Did you know about the hospital that performed Asia’s first manual upper arm transplant? Or how about the first hand transplant in India?

Establishment of Amrita Hospital, Kochi history in medical science in 2015 pregnancy out India firsthand transplant on A 30-year-Old patientManu TR again, in April 2015, another hand transplant surgery was successfully Pregnancy out on a young Afghan soldier Abdul Rahim.

In an attempt to defuse a mine, Abd al-Rahim lost his lower limb of both arms. Manu, wheelbarrow driver I witnessed a passenger being molested by a group. He faced them bravely and was pushed back out of the train. He lost both hands during that tragic fall. no men need a double hand cultivation. But this never happened in South Asia until then.

But Amrita Hospital, run Under the supervision of of Mata Amritananda Mai Devi has risen to become a pioneer of Mercy makes the impossible possible. Amrita Hospital made history Through India’s performance first And the second successful double hand cultivation. and Asia first upper arm double hand transplant on Shreya Siddanagoda was a 19-year-old girl also he did in Amrita Hospital. Health experts from all over world Closely monitored and appreciated these transplants. In 2015, the British Medical Journal awarded the “Best Surgical Team” award of South Asia Award’ for Amrita Hand Transplant Team.

Amrita Hospital – 25 Years of Comprehensive Healthcare

was established in 1998 by Mata Amritanandamai Devi, Amrita Hospitals has made Exceptional Contributions in field of Health Care. Located in Cochin, it is one of Major Hospitals in Advance South Asia highest high quality medical care, with 12 super Specialization departments and 45 other departments. Amrita Hospitals also a favour for Her medical care charity, which provided free treatment for more More than 43.3 lakh patients, spending more from 600 crores on This so far. In the year In 2016, Amrita Hospitals was awarded “Healthcare excellence award” for Patient safety and medical innovation by FICCI. during the challenge times of tsunami, covid-19 various Earthquakes and other massive disasters in The past 25 years, Amrita healthcare workers have been at the forefront help needy. During Covid-19, Amrita joined with Kerala government to vaccinate people, set up free medical camps, and launch low-cost PAPR kits for health care workers. Apart from Cochin Campus, Amrita Hospital also runs Five satellite charitable hospitals – three in kerala state, one in affordable and one in Andaman Islands.

Healing in India and treatment in India

Union Health Ministry plans to soon its own launch new Initiative – Heal in India and Healing by India – A project Which aims to give a boost to medical tourism and thus make India a hub for Excellent medical treatment. Indians government It was already select 40 countries with higher From where patients can come to India for good Healthcare quality. During the Covid pandemic, India distributed vaccines to 71 countries with About 58 million doses already supplied. This humanitarian work from India government from the direction of international cooperation in Vaccine distribution has been widely appreciated. These kind gestures will further India’s goal of being a hub for Generous medical care. Our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, tweeted on June 2022 that “the coming years will belong to these.” who invest in Health Care. I’m proud of The work our government I did to promote the health care sector in India.

Apart from government hospitals, private Hospitals will also have to play Important role in Make India the center for Comprehensive health care. Amrita Hospital, Cochin already attract a large number of Patients from the Middle East, Africa and other South Asian countries countries.

Asia’s largest private hospital in Delhi – NCR

with new branch in Faridabad, Amrita owns the largest company in Asia super-Specialty Hospital. Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, will open this 2,600-bed hospital on August 24, 2022. High-end facilities in Amrita, Faridabad with minimal carbon footprint, zero sewage discharge, and soon Solar powered. According to Dr. Sanjeev K Singh, Resident Medical Director of Amrita Hospital, Faridabad, research Cooperation will be given a high priority.

“The hospital will have a dedicated center research The block is spread across sevenfloor building That’s a total of three lakh square feet. with Exclusive GMP labs from Class A to D. There will be a focus on Determine newer Diagnostic tags, artificial intelligence, machine learning, bioinformatics etc. we in the operation of login in research Cooperat with some of The world’s biggest names in medical science,” he is added. Amrita transplantation is very popular. Dr Sanjeev Singh said, “The total transplant program provided by the hospital will be among the largest in Country. Amrita Hospital, Kochi is a pioneer of surgeries with India first two double hand cultivation and country first upper arm double Hand transplantation, among many other procedures, this knowledge has been passed on over To Amrita Hospital, Faridabad”.

statue of Sushruta is an Indian doctor and world’s first The surgeon known as ‘Father of Surgery ‘located at the entrance of The new hospital. Breathe glorious India past in field of Medicine and Excellence of ancient Indian medicinal traditions spanning thousands of years. we believe in The need To commemorate the legendary doctors like Charaka, Sushruta and Jivaka among them valuable contributions. Amrita Hospital, Faridabad is planning to blend alternative medicine, especially Ayurveda, Yoga and Homeopathy, with Modern medicines.

It will have 81 majors and seven centers of excellenceincluding cardiac sciences, neurosciences, oncology, gastrointestinal sciences, orthopedics and trauma, transplants, and mother and child care. will the hospital also It has the largest facility in India for treating infectious diseases. Once it is fully operational, this hospital will have more More than 10 thousand employees and 800 doctors.

Will campus of Faridabad also You have a medical college and the largest campus of allied health sciences in India. When it comes to medical education, allied health and researchAmrita Intensive University already A certified with The highest possible A++ NAAC is the 5th class in India best- University Rank in NIRF rankings.

In the Indian tradition the Bhagavan even embodied in the role of Dhanvantara Moorthi, we believe in Importance of Medicine, treatment and conservation body healthy. Shastra also We say that it is important to maintain body. Through a long history, the sages of India and people of India gifted humanity deep knowledge of heal And prevent people from health problems. Amrita Hospitals, with that it new branch in Faridabad, designed to carry forward The 25year old legacy of Comprehensive healthcare driven by compassion.

[This article is authored by Sooraj Rajendran. Views expressed are personal, not related to that of India.com]

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