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preparation of orders in PM for rain season


AT view of forecast of monsoon rainfall is above normal during last a week of this month, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif led ministries and departments concerned on Sunday to warn the administrations of regions and districts.

prime minister directed for wording of comprehensive flood strategy in cooperation with Provinces, Media Wing of This was reported in the Office of the Prime Minister. in Press release.

prime minister ordered that all precautions should be accepted in conformity with forecast of meteorological department, in addition to providing events in lowlands and in those regions that may be affected during the rainy season.

He also asked for timely delivery of necessary equipment and other necessary steps for in protection of crops and animals in agricultural areas. Shehbaz noticed that the inhabitants in affected areas should be warned and moved to safer areas.

Another steps like proper drainage, dredging of nulls and water channels and fumigation should also take it added.

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), in the statement predicted that “above average rainfall” is expected in the country for the coming rainy season. It also states that pre-monsoon rains are likely to start in in second a week of June.


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