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Pranawi Roy and Rusher Sharma discuss India’s economic progress

India has made big progress And the big recovery in 75 years of It’s history, said Rocher Sharma.

New Delhi:

Global investor and author Rocher Sharma discuss story of 75-year old Indian economy with NDTV Pranai Roy. He said: Compared to the rest of The world India is now no longer richer than it was before independence, but it is now on Boarding “.

over here highlights of Pranawi Roy Conversation with Rocher Sharma:

*The progress of India economy Until now:

We started to rank six and we currently Ranked six. India development path It has been reconfigured. The sixties and seventies were difficult times for India. Re-login to development phase from the eighties.

* Per capita income compared to the rest of The world:


It is V-shaped, which shows We wore back. We are where we were at the origin data. The story About per capita income, which is one of the most economic criteria of country successIt was more Says.

*we back in The global race. India’s per capita income has gone up and gone up global was the order rising.

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have made big progress And the big recovery in 75 years of that it history.

* China back away more just awesome:


in the nineties,new Cities are created in China, there was a number boom of Cities that came up it was amazing.

In the case of India, in any rural areaone 10 percent It came from another area. Migration is very low, which is not the case in China.

it’s very hard To do what China did but we can still emulate it.

* Life expectancy to date:


In many indicators, we have growth It was awesome , on Others, can be compared to others and on Some a little less.

* Progress so far in education:


* India progress in Economic freedom.


We are still not economically free compared to others countries. Therefore, according to the data, the more the country becomes richer,more It is economic freedom.

*India stock market:

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*India stock market Many winners witnessed:

from 9cqllo

the number of new Our billionaires in India has also He went up.

* The government is constantly losing value:


Government ownership has disappeared down From 15 percent to 5 percent in The market. The government Taxpayers lost their fortunes due to the disappearance of property down in stock market.

India’s billionaire boom – the third biggest boom in The world:


Among those 140, more from 110 h new billionaires. India created more of 110 billionaires in The last Contract and many of They are from manufacturing, health care and technologyIndia needs sectors. It’s a very encouraging picture.

*the trip of rupee:


Rupee decreased by 75 rupees over The last 75 years old. Today, the rupee on Very cheap and competitive space.

Where we go:

*high growth story disappear:


There are hardly any of them countries with 7 percent growth. was the climax in 2007, when several countries They were growing in rate of more More than 7 percent, and now there are hardly any.

* the reasons of The growth Deceleration: 4Ds


These 4Ds are a reducing factor growth All year.

* India population growth declining:


*Other residents declining faster than china:


* Women’s participation in work:


get women to share in Our work will change growth rate of our country.

* New standards of economic successIndia will do well to maintain the 5 per cent rate growth:


* High sustainability growth: India has done well so far


*India on The path to be the third largest economy in 10 years:


By following these baselines, India will become the third largest country economy by 2032.

*How long will it take for India double Per capita income:


*Inflation in India performance to improve:


We are better off Now as we were ten years ago, if we compare to other countries, India has inflation issue But this is very much issue of the rest of The world.

* Where is the stock market preside over:


The trend of Indian stocks is much higher than the long term trend. if it happened more Domestic investors, if that happens more Investors, the return can be higher But assuming trends will grow by 8 percent in 10 years.

* Competitive value of rupee:


Today’s rupee is very competitive should is being good for our exports.

* India is digitizing faster than world:

on 715ov4

* Fewer due to leaks of Digitization:


*India Loyal to Positions:


* Takeaway:


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