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PPP Senator Introduces Bill to Reduce JCP power in appointment of judges

review of Senate of Pakistan. — Facebook/Pakistan Senate
  • PPP Senator Farooq Naek introduces a bill to limit the powers of the JCP.
  • The bill proposes the creation of a parliamentary committee more power.
  • He proposes to change the process of promotion of judges to the Supreme Court.

ISLAMABAD: PPP Senator Farooq H Naek on Monday introduced a bill to amend the constitution in The Senate, seeking to curb the powers of Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP) in appointment of judges of higher courts and give parliamentary committee significant word in process.

Encountering no resistance government on in private participants day, according to NewsSenate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani referred the bill to the Standing Committee on law and justice with in direction submit your report to house within 15 days.

veteran the legislator, explaining the essential features of check in in housesaid the target of appoints justices to the Supreme Court, JCP currently consists of Chief Justice of Pakistan, four judges of Supreme Court, Retired Judge of Supreme Court, Law Minister, Counsel General, and senior advocate.

He pointed out that the balance was strongly tilted in in favor of the judges, while the bill proposes to exclude one of four seated judges to make it out of seven panel.

Moreover, the composition of commission for business meeting, meeting of judges of the supreme court also it was proposed to be changed to reduce this is total strength from 13 to 11.

Senator Naek made it clear that he won’t like talk about accusations of favoritism in appointment of judges, but indicated out that the constitution was silent on criterion of lawyers should be named for judicial appointments.

The bill, he continued, invites the initiating committee to propose names within 60 days of a vacancy, while the proposed committee should head the relevant judge of The Supreme Court is composed next two senior judges, advocate-general and member of the Bar Council.

CJ Supreme Court Appointment

Check also proposes to provide for appointment of majority senior judge of Supreme Court as Chief justice on sample of Supreme Court.

He expressed regret that the parliamentary committee on business meeting, meeting of judges have become a mere stamp in absence of certain powers, therefore, in accordance with the proposed amendment, the parliamentary committee on check of nomination from the JCP must test credentials, ability, moral and financial honesty of nominee and may confirm majority candidate of this is total membership within 30 working days, otherwise the nomination is considered approved.

He said that an eight-member parliament panel be able to reject a candidate by three-quarters of this is total membership.

Naek added what decision of parliamentary commission cannot be convened in question in any court on any land.

He emphasized that this for in parliament to make law while it was work of the judiciary interprets and the bureaucracy implements it, saying: “we want independent as well as effective judges.”

He proposed a committee of retired justice of the Supreme Court to oversee performance of high court judges.

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