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Possible rewritten titles:– G7 Sends Warning on Economic Coercion: Consequences Will Follow – G7 Countries Issue Strong Words Against Economic Coercion and Threats – G7 Leaders Raise Alarm over Use of Economic Pressure: Actions Will Not Go Unanswered – G7 Sends Message to China and Other Nations: Stop Using Economic Coercion as a Political Tool – G7 Issues Joint Statement on Economic Coercion: Calls for Fair and Open Trade – G7 Warns Against Economic Blackmail: Stresses Importance of Sovereignty and Human Rights – G7 Takes Stand Against Unfair Economic Practices: Says No to Coercive Diplomacy – G7 Leaders Agree on Need to Counter Economic Coercion: Pledge to Support Affected Countries – G7 Condemns Economic Coercion and Sanctions: Calls for Multilateral Solutions – G7 Sounds Alarm on Economic Coercion: Urges Respect for International Law and Norms

G7 leaders warned on Saturday that any attempt to “arm” trade and supply chains “will fail and have consequences,” in a veiled warning to China about its economic practices.

“Attempts to weaponize economic dependency by forcing G7 members and our partners, including small economies, to respond and comply will fail and have consequences,” the group said in a statement, which did not directly mention China.

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Earlier Saturday, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the G7 would agree on a “common set of tools” to combat economic “coercion” and reduce the risk that high-tech exports to China would undermine national security, AFP reported.

For its part, the Chinese Embassy in the UK today, Saturday, warned the G7 countries that any words or actions that harm Beijing’s interests will be met with “strong and decisive countermeasures.”

At the G-7 summit in Hiroshima, world leaders challenged themselves to find a compromise between the many global issues that require urgent attention, including climate change, artificial intelligence, poverty and economic instability, nuclear proliferation and, above all, war. .in Ukraine.

China, the world’s second largest economy, is at the center of many of these concerns.

There is growing concern in Asia that Beijing, which is steadily building up its nuclear weapons program, may try to take over Taiwan by force, which could lead to a wider conflict.

China declares the self-governing island as its private territory and regularly sends ships and military aircraft to it.

And the G-7 leaders issued a statement warning that “accelerating the building of their nuclear arsenal without transparency and meaningful dialogue is a source of concern for global and regional stability.”

Sullivan said of the announcement: “We are committed to cooperating with China on matters of mutual interest. And we will work to resolve the important issues we have with China in a number of areas,” according to the Associated Press.

The leaders said in a statement that North Korea, which is rapidly testing missiles in an attempt to advance a nuclear program targeting the U.S. mainland, should completely abandon its nuclear bomb ambitions, “including any further nuclear tests or launches using ballistic missile technology.” missiles.

North Korea cannot and never will have nuclear status under international nuclear treaties.

The green light for F-16 fighter flight training is the latest change from the Biden administration as it intends to arm Ukraine with more advanced and deadly weapons following previous decisions to send missile launchers and Abrams tanks.

The United States insisted on sending weapons to Ukraine for self-defense and prevented Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory.

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