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Popularity poll puts Tchachoi Yadav in the lead of CM Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar Politics game we will go down in The history of Bihar. President Minister who sworn-in to the top post for eight on On Wednesday, the BJP was expelled and returned to Mahagathbandan. But who benefit more from this political turmoil in Bihar? It’s RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav, according to a C-Voter poll.

Also broke Janata Dal (United) off links with NDA in Bihar, questions over bifurcation of Like this decision of the choice of next president ministerAnd the over yadav decision to me join links with Nitish Kumar was at the top of everyone’s mind. India today conducted a survey in association with C- the voter in Bihar to find answers to the above questions.

Chechwe Yadav leads in popular polls

The biggest question in The poll was about selection of The next president minister. Tegashui Yadav took first place of Nitish Kumar or any leader of BJP people’s choice for Bihar CM.

Although Tegashui Yadav was sworn in in as vice president minister in Led by Nitish Kumar government43 percent of respondents in C-Voter pollsters favored the RJD leader as a next Bihar Chief Minister. In contrast, Nitish Kumar was first Selection CM for Only 24 percent of those surveyed. Meanwhile, 19 per cent chose the BJP leader to be Bihar CM.

surgery in The popularity of bursal and its equivalent drop in Perhaps the popularity of Nitish Kumar is a warning sign for Bihar CM.

Who is the first choice of female voters?

over here againyadav took Clear lead. Witnessed the popularity of the AKP leader a jump across all sections of the society. In the survey, 41.8 percent men Choose Tchachoi Yadav for CM’o postwhile 23.8% votes He went in nitech account. The BJP managed to gain 19.6 percent votes.

Nitish Kumar also saw a decline in popular among womenThe community that supported him in 2020.

According to the survey, 44 percent of women Consider that they are burping first Choosing Bihar CMWhile only 23.3% women Chose Nitish Kumar. BJP again came in Third, he managed to get it just 17.5 percent.

What about the OBC, the Muslim community?

If we look at the popularity on the basics of Sects, here too, seems to be Tejashwi Yadav in the fore of Nitish Kumar. In the OBC category, 44.6 percent people they were in favor of Tejashwi Yadav, while Nitish Kumar got 24.7 votesAnd the BJP CM I got approved of 12.4 percent of those surveyed.

It was Tegashui Yadav also Frankly, it is preferred by a Muslim community. Currently, 54 percent of Muslims consider Tchachoi Yadav the best CMand only 30 percent in favor of Nitish Kumar. saffron party far behind in The race with just 3.3 percent of the vote in favor of Bihar CM.

If polls are taken now

It’s clear that Tegashui Yadav is in the lead in popularity race Bihar CM. But what about alliances? Where do they stand in public popularity?

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Bihar voted strongly in favor of NDA, with The alliance got 54 percent votes. But in August 2022, this number decreased down to 41 percent. Within three years, the NDA experienced a loss of 13 percent.

On the other hand, Mahagat Pandan directly benefits of damage done on NDA. The Mahagatbandhan got 31 percent votes in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But now that her equations changed on Earth, Mahagathbandhan also He seems to be taking advantage of it. Alliance saw a jump of 16 percent, with 46 percent votes Currently in her favour.

When we look at this vote percentage on the basics of Seats, NDA tally can come down to 14, according to a C-Voter poll. This is possible prove To be big setback for The party as it was won 39 seats in Cleaning Campaign in 2019. But with Nitish Kumar jumps aboard, the NDA is now suffering a loss.

Nitish Kumar joining hands with Looks like RJD and Congress have changed wealth of The grand alliance. and the changes be also reflected on Earth.

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