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Politics latest news: War of words erupt as Grant Shapps collides with union boss over strikes

BAuris Johnson told his cabinet that the nation should “prepare to stay the course”. on strike action.

“We need in union barons sit down with Network Rail and railway companies and receive on with this,” he said.

“We need, I’m afraid, everything, and I say this to the country as a whole, we need to be ready to stay on course.

“Don’t give up, because these reforms, these improvements in in way we run our railways in interests of travel publicthey will help cut costs for fare payers up as well as down country.”

He insisted that the modernization program also in interests of workers, because “if we don’t, these great companies, it great industry, will face farther financial pressure, he’ll bust and result they have to walk up in cost of tickets even further.

It would be result in “catastrophe” of declining rail usehe warned.


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