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Polio paralyzes a child kills Another in North Waziristan

ISLAMABAD: two children in Diagnosed in North Waziristan with wild polio, Pakistan National Polio Laboratory at the National Institute of The state of health was confirmed late Tuesday evening. One of the victims, an 11-month-old boy from Mir Ali, died.

Another child who attacked by wild polio, is one-year- an old boy from Dosali. He had a start of paralysis on May 8 Child, who died, experienced the beginning of paralysis on May 27 and was paralyzed. in all four limbs and neck muscle. All cases so far in 2022 came from North Waziristan, where more cases expected due to ongoing transmission of wild poliovirus caused high vaccine resistance and poor health standards.

“Antipolio campaign goes on in southern parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the third polio vaccination campaign since the outbreak. in North Waziristan,” Federal Health Minister Abdul Qadeer Patel said. “We do our best to cover everything children and won’t rest until we end polio in this country, he added.

Health Minister Dr. Fahre Alam said this was critical. for parents and guardians ensure all children should receive the polio vaccine, especially during ongoing vaccination events in area.

Southern areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, North and South Waziristan, Di Khan, Bannu, Tank and Lakki Marwat are on highest risk of transmission of wild poliovirus. children up to age of 10 are vaccinated at all entrances and exits points of southern checkpoint while the program is hunting down virus with contact tracing and enhanced surveillance.

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