Policeman in Jury Says Search for Gaia Pope ‘Missed Opportunity’ | United Kingdom news

Policeman who was disciplined over Search for Dorset teenager Gaia Pope told jurors that he made number of mistakes on the night she disappeared.

Sean Mallon played up like a sergeant when he was made up to date 19-year- the old one was declared missing on On 7 November 2017, the Dorset Coroner’s Court heard the case.

He told the jury that there were two policemen there. available is he should deployed to search for Dad and also admitted that he did not over business to other officers at the end of his change. Teenagers body was found 11 days later in undergrowth on rock. Post-mortem examination found she died of hypothermia.

Mallon was disciplined behind closed doors – over the disappearance of the Pope and gave final warning but has since resigned from the Dorset Police Force. He’s the only officer the jury has heard of. faced misconduct hearing.

Question senior Coroner Rachel Griffin, Mallon said he “did nothing in relation to the Gaia case” and acknowledged that there are a number of of “missed opportunities” to find her that night and in next day because of his inaction.

Mallon claimed that at the time Pope was suffering from epilepsy, he did not know that post-traumatic stress disorder, previously made accusation of rape.

But Papa family Barrister Caoylfhionn Gallagher QC told him: “You knew Gaia had to visit her general practitioner and that she had a mental breakdown that day. You knew she wasn’t feeling very well, right?

Mallon said, “Perhaps, yes.”

“You knew she was 19. It was a winter evening. You knew, didn’t you, that it was a vulnerable teenager. who bored?” Gallagher added.

“I knew later,” Mallon replied.

Mallon said he knew about force missing policy but did not remember ever reading it.

Consequence in Bournemouth heard this week of line of missed opportunities in police search for Dad.

One of involved, Inspector Andrew Alkins, said it was mistake initially rate the Pope as average risk And How soon how did he know of her disappearance in early hours of On November 8, his status was raised.

“My view It was wrong grade. My view was she should were set to high risk”, he told the investigation and agreed that the lower score was a “missed opportunity”. for senior officers review The case of the Pope earlier.

The investigation continues.


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