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Police watchdog considers investigation after Met officers spoke to missing Owami Davis

Police monitor considering whether to investigate at Scotland Yard after officers made contact with a student nurse who was listed as missing.

Owami Davis, 24, from Grace, Essex left her family home on July 4 and was last visible just after midnight in Derby Road, West Croydon, South London, on July 7, but it wasn’t found.

Miss Davis family reported her disappearance to the Essex police on July 6 and force handed over the investigation to the Metropolitan Police on 23 July.

On Saturday, the Met said its staff spoke with Ms Davis. on July 6th

Police outside a property in Derby Road (Kirsty O’Connor/PA)

(PA wire)

In a statement force said employees were summoned to in Clarendon Road, Croydon, concern over welfare of woman.

The police and London ambulance service arrived at the address and spoke to the woman, but she told them that she did not want help as well as left.

Ms. Owami was not marked as missing on police database at the time.

Only later did the Met establish that the woman was Miss Davis. result of investigation into their disappearance.

force said his professional standards body consulted and did not investigate officers.

But he said that Independent Management for The Conduct of Police (IOPC) requested that the case be referred to them.

Scotland Yard said in a statement: “The Metropolitan Authority of Professional standards (DPS) have been consulted and, as with police, IOPC were informed.

“IOPC asked that this matter be referred to them.

image from CCTV cameras of Owami Davis Crossing Derby Road (Metropolitan Police/Pennsylvania)

(PA wire)

“Officers are not subject to any current DPS investigation.

“Interaction recorded on officers body-worn video was viewed by members of Independent Advisory Group and Owami family to ensure openness and transparency.

IOPC said in statement: “We can confirm that we got direction on August 5 from the Metropolitan Police Service. in attitude towards contact officers was with Owami Davis in Croydon on July 6, after Essex police reported her missing.

“We currently grade available information to determine what next steps might be required”.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade issued several appeals. for information over The whereabouts of Ms. Davis and the arrest of five people – two on suspicion of murder and three on suspicion of kidnap – who all were later released on pledge.

force issued a new appeal at the beginning of this week, saying that Miss Davis might be in Croydon andin need of help”.

Owami Davis (Metropolitan Police/Pennsylvania)

(PA Media)

On Thursday, the British Transport Police (BTP) tweeted that the 24-year-old may still ride trains regularly, may appear stunned or confused and may be trying to make contact. with women traveling alone.

BTR writes: “We know Owami Davis, 24, regularly uses the railroad and subway. network to travel from #Grace, Essex to #Croydon area. Often via #WestHam and #WestCroydon stations. @metpoliceuk is considering dates from July 7, 2022.

“Owami may still travel regularly on the railroad. in a vulnerable state that appears stunned or confused and possibly eager to engage in combat with other single female travelers.”

Metropolitan added: “Owami was depressed and in absence of her medicine can use alcohol to ease her depression.”

Essex police reported in statement that, after the start of the investigation of the missing persons, “became clear significant number of inquiries about Owami’s whereabouts were in London, so the investigation into her search was officially transferred to the Met. on July 23rd.

force explained: “When someone is reported missing, an assessment is made out define risk of causing harm to a person, including by age, current mental health and information about their vulnerability to exploitation.

“This risk regularly reviewed during the course of the investigation.

“BUT media appeal is often first investigative tool officer leading search will look at, and decision on whether and when to issue an appeal to media may be affected on what other lines of inquiry of request available and wishes of in family.

“Publishing someone’s photo and publicly stating that they are missing, just through fact they are declared missing, indicate that a person has a vulnerability.

“If we can find someone without exposing them and this vulnerability, to this level of public careful consideration, then we try to do it.

“However, this also balanced with identified immediate risk for that person’s sake.”

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