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Police want to try 5 minors as adults for the “maximum penalty”, not juveniles justice an act

Police want to try 5 minors as adults for the “maximum penalty”, not juveniles justice an act

Six people were arrested in Connection with Gang rape, five of They are between 16 and 18 years old

In a gang rape in Hyderabad of Teenage girl for Which six People arrested, the police will pay for The five under the age of 18 should be tried as adults so that they do not receive a lighter sentence on the account of being events.

This is allowed after the 2015 amendment to the Juvenile Justice Law for Those between the ages of 16 and 18 are charged of “heinous crime”, meaning a crime Attracts minimal of Seven years’ jail. Hyderabad Police Commissioner, CV Anand, said the police would seek to do so in court ” ensure maximum punishment”.

Otherwise, the event can not be judged more from three years in jail.

All five minors in The ages for this condition range from 16 to 18 years; one of They are hardly a short month of 18 years. three of The palace is linked powerful Policy.

However, the law sets three criteria before the court decides that treat Like the accused as adults – mental and physical ability; ability To understand the consequences and conditions of the crime.

The police said five of The arrested persons are involved in rape in a carWhile one of Underage boys were seen misbehaving with The girl but she didn’t commit rape.

Mr. Anand had earlier said that the strict sections of The law is invoked and the penalty can be life imprisonment or even death.

The girl and her attackers met in party in the bar in The prestigious Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad on May 28. This place has been booked by minors for a party before schools reopen. that they made Booking at 900 to 1,000 rupees per head and tickets allegedly sold out for 1,300 rupees per piece.

The girl was in party with Friend, who left early; and later met The group who assaulted her that same night in a Toyota Innova.

The police recorded her statement in In front of me of judge.



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