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Police summon BJP GS Mishra over FIR against for him

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Ying Kyung, August 12: The police are here in Upper Siang District has issued a notification to BJP’s Arunachal Pradesh state general secretary (Organization) Ananta Narayan Mishra to appear at the police station here on August 16 in Connection with The FIR report was submitted by Sung Community Youth Association (SYCA) President Asin Libang, accusing Mishra of “Indulgence in Illegal activities in the disputed Eko Dumbing/Riwotala area. “

Besides Mishra, one Tendy Lamo has also They were asked to report to the police here on same day.

The Supreme Youth Council claimed that Mishra, along with Few other people have visited the disputed Eko Dumbing/Riwotala area and created a structure, “thus breaching the system of Zone management does not carry out any activities in The area without permission of Administration.”

fir also name names of Besides, Michung Khampa, Tende Lamu, and Laida Wangchuck of Mishra, alleging “violation of Peace and tranquility through hurting religious feelings of local adi community. “

The authority claimed that the aforementioned persons in The FIR violated the agreement reached between Uday and Mimba-Khamba

Communities, by initiative of the state governmentTo keep peace by refraining from carrying out what kind of Activity in Disputed Eko Dumbing / Riwotala area.

Meanwhile, Chime Yangsang Pemakod Welfare Society Michung Khampa was arrested by the police, who Allegedly, he invited and arranged the entirety of Mishra trekking Expedition to Eko Dumbing / Riwotala area.

The locals here welcomed arrest of The main Charged but questioned the delay in Mishra’s arrest.

It is the Bharatiya Janata State general secretary (organized) and very responsible And the senior leader of The party. Visit area Although knowing fact that area Disputed, and that the administration of the region banned all species of activities. The Buddhist organization Mimba-Khampa will use his visit to legitimize their demands. Mishra stirred emotions of original adi community. He needs to be detained responsible for One of the locals said who did not wish reveal his identity.

the locals also The government’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) allegedly protects Mishra, which Yingkyung police has not arrested for so far.

Echo Dumping, also Known as Riwotala, it is a three-day trek from here. The area considered sacred place for Both Memba-Khamba Buddhist and Adi . communities community of Upper Siang. There is an ongoing conflict between the tribes, and the administration has banned any kind of Activities in The area Because of the ongoing religious differences.

in October last yearBuddhist religious structures constructed at the site were burned down by miscreants. Local Buddhist communities filed a FIR report and the police arrested five people. After the intervention of the President minister’s officeIndividuals of Both societies agreed to maintain communal harmony and peaceful coexistence. Peace Committee set up Under MP Tapir Zhao works on An acceptable solution for both societies.

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