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Police officer injured after being carried 30 meters on car hood in reckless Londonderry incident

The police officer was injured of injuries after being pushed onto the hood of a vehicle and carried about 30 meters in serious incident in Londonderry.

another officer was also wounded in reckless rampage in Skioge Link Road area of in city on Monday.

The PSNI explained that the two officers had been warned about the gray Audi and the driving style. just until 12 noon.

Subsequently, Audi stopped. on Skioge Link Road and driver there is out and was seen talking to driver of Another vehicle.

At this moment the police made trying to speak with his, however, he received back in an Audi and how he drove off, vehicle hit the officer on his hand while second the officer, who was in front of the vehicle was thrown over the hood and moved for approximately 20-30 meters.

Then the officer fell off in vehicle and landed on to the ground, sustaining injuries to the arms, elbows and thighs as driver continuation on in in direction of Buncrana Road in speed.

Marty Reed, superintendent of Derry City and Strabane, called it a “terrible” incident that left both officers are “really quite shaken”.

“They worked to keep people safe and over up undergo a terrifying ordeal,” is he added.

“This reckless act could have had devastating consequences, and we are grateful that we are not dealing with with more serious injury or worse.

“We’ve already been in contact with both officers, one of who managed to return work today to ensure they get everything support They need how they recover and deal with what happened to them.

“Our officers work hard keep every day people ensure the safety and security of the communities they serve and such incidents are unacceptable and should be condemned by all.”

After that, the Audi was discovered and seized. in Shantallow area, however, the police are now appealing for information and want hear from anyone who witnessed the incident or who captured DVR or mobile phone recording of this is to get in tap by calling 101 and calling the reference number 692. of 02/05/22.

Reports can be submitted online using emergency reporting form. Criminals can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online.

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