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Police go to court to stop Aamir’s funeral before autopsy


Police officers, including senior superintendent of militia (SSP) East and railway station house officer (SHO) reached the Brigadier City Court on Friday in attempt to seize power over Mortal Aamir Leaquat remains for conductivity of opening.

The police are likely to apply for a writ for extradition. Police Surgeon Dr. Samiya also came to court.

They submitted that an autopsy was mandatory under Article 174. of the code of A criminal process that directs “the police to investigate and report on suicide” or death “in circumstances arousing reasonable suspicion”.

Police say they will take action in light of court orders.

Ex-wife of televangelist and children reached city court, as well as obtain a writ of allow Funeral of Aamir. The police said that the only way they will allow for burial place this if family receives a court order.

deceased family and related police official both approached the court after Friday prayers, after which Aamir Liaquat family, Justice of the Peace Naukar Abbas and Dr. Samiya reached the cold store.

Aamir Liaquat body is currently under consideration.

“Needs an autopsy”

Earlier today, the police decided to stop the burial of politician and entertainer Aamir Liaqat requiring completion of opening.

The televangelist was found unconscious in locked himself in his residence in Karachi yesterday and passed away soon after.

Police personnel said it was important know in cause of death and asked the administration of the cold store to hand over over his body to the Police Brigade.

Police officials ordered that the mortal Aamir remains should not be transferred over to anyone other than a police station, and that legal action would be taken if body was transferred over to anyone more.

They are also got to the pantry and tried to convince Aamir son agree to an opening.

Aamir Liaquat family, however, denied the autopsy.

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Training for his funeral was in full swing as funeral prayers were scheduled for 14:00 indoors of Mausoleum of Abdullah Shah Ghazi.

Syed Bushra, first wife of Aamir Liaquat took to social media and talked about her former husband untimely death.

“My former husband Aamir Liaqat Hussein passed away. His funeral prayer will be performed today after Friday prayer at 2:00 pm at Jama Masjid Abdullah Shah Ghazi. in Clifton and he also be buried in premises of church,” she wrote. on Instagram last night.

However, the police demand for the autopsy delayed the funeral.


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