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Police drag Priyanka Gandhi into Congress protest over price hike; I climbed over the barrier

Police withdraw Congress Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to A vehicle in New Delhi.

New Delhi:

Police detained Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and other Congress leaders – took them to the police vehicles — From outside The party headquarters in Delhi today as they were protesting against unemployment and price-rise.

Wears in black like else party Leaders as a sign of In protest, Priyanka Gandhi was climbed over Barricades to get to the place. held a short sit-in before being forcibly taken away by the police. The police refused permission for Protest, arguing law and order.

to her brother, Congressman Rahul Gandhi, was also arrested shortly before her arrest. The leaders were confined to the hall in Kingsway Camp in GTB Nagar.

In a video he tweeted, party – Apparently while walking towards party office – Priyanka Gandhi says”The government He thinks he can shut up us. Thought it through the show us This (the police) forcecan make us sit quietly in Buses…but we have a purpose.”

Before Priyanka Gandhi dragged to vehiclePolice were seen trying to persuade her to end the protest. But she refused moveindicating to the police that they have the right to protest.

The police are holed up key Areas of disallowing the protest plan, which included rallies for the Prime Minister house And Rashtrapati Bhavan. Ban orders and large gatherings in slash of Delhi ahead of Congress march, was already also announced by management. Citing these restrictions, the police denied permission for protest.

Before of Rahul Gandhi said: “We are witnessing death of democracy.”

What does India have? built brick by brick, start roughly century before, being destroyed in In front of me of for you eyes. Anyone who Situations against this idea of beginning of Dictatorship is brutally attacked, imprisoned, arrested and beaten up,” He said.

BJP Rose with Farce, he asks if there is democracy in Congress, calling it a “ruling family” party.

Before the protest began, congressional representatives led party President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi wore black Clothes for Parliament. Proceedings were postponed because members of Congress made a fuss over Alleged misuse of investigation agencies and government People ignore issues.

statement from party She said that her membership in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will march “Chalu Rashtrapati Bhavan” from Parliament. Members of the Congressional Action Committee (CWC) and others senior Leaders plan to participate in “PM House gherao”.

Congress has been claiming that “people issues” are being ignored governmentHowever, he said that the situation is not particularly bad.

Sharing government data last month, however, says Annual retail inflation in India climbed to 7.01% in June from 6.26% a year earlier. This was above the center bank of the tolerance squad of 2-6% for The sixth month in Row.

protests also Hold against Tax of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Necessary items that was earlier out of its scope.

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